Performance Mission to the Moon

The performance Mission to the Moon will take place on the Moon Gallery Garden startday 6 June, 2020 between 15:00 – 18:00. The team of Mission to the Moon consisting …Read more

Moon Gallery Garden

In collaboration with Moon Gallery, Zone2Source is presenting the Moon Gallery Garden exhibition, 6 June to 12 July, 2020 Moon Gallery is an international platform for art, science and technology in …Read more

Barbara Neves Alves

In working at the Amstelpark, I am considering how, along the centuries efforts towards understanding and cataloguing nature largely developed together with projects of colonization and contributed to set out …Read more

Birthe Leemeijer

The work of Birthe Leemeijer is part of Exploded View During our first collective stroll through the Amstelpark a recurring topic of conversation was plant intelligence and sensitivity. The question …Read more

Jasper Coppes

The work of Jasper Coppes is part of Exploded View Wasteland There is a growing interest in archeology to regard this discipline as a critical involvement in the production of …Read more

Pavèl van Houten

The work of Pavèl van Houten is part of Exploded View Take care of the park Both in Rome in the Parco Via Appia Antica, and in Amsterdam in the …Read more

Eline Kersten

The work of Eline Kersten is part of Exploded View Humming Trees Trees are living fossils. Through their slow but gradual growth, small birches can become giants over time. However, …Read more

Wouter Osterholt

The work of Wouter Osterholt is part of Exploded View Growing Resistance An ecological disaster exercise in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam The Amstelpark emerged from the large-scale horticultural exhibition the ‘Floriade’ …Read more

Leonid Tsvetkov

The work of artist Leonid Tvetkov is part of Exploded View, read more I started this project by thinking about the paths I navigate through the park. At first I …Read more

Jacqueline Heerema

The work op Jaqueline Heerema is part of Explode View, read more The time of the earth is not (yet) in our system. Faced with current and future environmental challenges, …Read more

ZOOOF Open Call in Metropolis M

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoo of the Future extended its exhibition for a few months longer. Together with that, ZOOF’s side project, “Letters to An Animal in …Read more

Open Call for Multispecies Storytelling

22th April 2020, Earth Day Dear friends, dear earthlings, On the 50th occasion of Earth Day Zone2Source calls upon everybody to contribute projects, documentation, poems, texts, sounds to explore together …Read more


Mijn naam is Garcia We have worked in the Amstelpark previously on the invitation of Zone2Source (Floriade Trash & Treasures). From the basis of this working period, we continue our …Read more

De Onkruidenier

The work of de Onkruidenier is part of Exploded View Plant Bed Sociology The research of the Onkruidenier within Exploded View questions existing frameworks derived from the genesis of a …Read more

Machine Wilderness ongoing research program

Machine Wilderness is an ongoing research program by Alice Smits (Zone2Source) and Theun Karelse (FoAM). The program was launched in 2015 in ARTIS and has organised several presentations in the Cornwall, Riga, Venice, London, an exhibition in Amstelpark in 2018. The most recent project will be held in ARTIS in 2020.

Exploded View Research

Exploded View is artistic research program Amstelpark (2018 – 2020) that investigates landscapes in order to look at current activations from their heritage history. In this project, the Amstelpark enters into an exchange with the Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica in Rome. After research in 2018 – 2019, and small scale presentations of preliminary results in 2019 Exploded View will lead to a public presentation in April 2020

Machine Wilderness in ARTIS Magazine

The first public announcement of Machine Wilderness 2020 was featured in the ARTIS Magazine. From 12 April to 18 October 2020, Zone2Source will organise, together with FoAM and ARTIS Zoo in …Read more

Tuinbazen presentation

February 15 to 23, 2020, The final presentation of Tuinbazen, a project Irene Fortuyn and her foundation Ketter & Co have developed during 2019 in the Amstelpark to explore alternative forms of public park management will take place.

Zoo of the Future

In collaboration with ZOOOF, Zone2Source presents the project Zoo of the Future. The ZOOOF exhibition opens again for restricted audience during weekends (13.00-17.00) and under booking for week days. Visitors are allowed only four at a time while keeping the 1,5 distance.

Terike Haapoja at Sonic Acts Academy

A former collaborator with Zone2Source, the artist Terike Haapoja will deliver a lecture in the Sonic Acts Academy this February in Amsterdam.

The Congress of Glassolallia Performances

Zone2Source’s winter program includes its yearly collaboration with The Warp. This year’s installation kicks off on December 15, 2019 with three performances, and will continue on with two other performance nights on January 12th and February 2nd.

Congress of Glassolallia by The Warp

Each year, Zone2Source invites The Warp, known for their unique multi-media performances. The installation Congress of Glassolallia can be experienced from outside the Glazen Huis. Daily until 2nd February 2020. The installation is also central to a series of performances on December 15th 2019, January 12 2020 and the final performance on 2nd February 2020.

Open Call for outdoor installations and sculptures

With our ambition to develop the Amstelpark into a unique park for art and nature, Z2S is looking for inspiring outdoor installations and sculptures focusing on rethinking nature-culture relations and proposing new experiences and practices to the environment.

Exploded View exhibition

Upcoming in 2020: Exploded View is a group exhibition in and about the Amstelpark which shows the results of a research 12 artists have conducted over the last year into the Amstelpark. This exhibition is a collaboration with Clue+/heritage studies of the Vrije Universiteit.

Mind Your Step – A Walking Experience

In late summer, we will organize an exhibition about walking and knowing in which artists and other thinkers/makers are invited to develop interactive walks that set off mobility as a means of understanding the world.

School of Interspecies Knowledge

In the fall, Zone2Source launches a multiple year School of Interspecies Knowledge together with Irina Shapiro (Open Set foundation). In this project, we explore new learning environments to rethink our relations to other organisms and its consequences on the way we live and work together.

The Body Imitates the Landscape

November 16 – December 1 2019
Zone2Source presents the The Body Imitates the Landscape: an interactive sound installation by Adi Hollander and Claudio F. Baroni. The installation is designed in the form of a playground which transforms music into vibrations felt through the entire body.

More than 250 Visitors during the Opening Weekend

On Saturday 16 Nov, artists Adi Hollander and Claudio F. Baroni kicked off their sound installation The Body Imitates the Landscape at Het Glazen Huis. During the first weekend, including the opening day, the exhibition welcomed an extraordinary 250 visitors.

Tactile Sound – Workshops participants wanted

18-21 & 25-28 November. 2019
Artist Adi Hollander invites children, seniors and the hearing impaired to free listening workshops using her specially designed water beds to “listen” through the whole body rather than only through the ears.

Machine Wilderness: artistic research in Artis

[Postponed until 2021 due to covid-19] From April to October 2020, Zone2Source organises Machine Wilderness in collaboration with FoAM and Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. This project allows artists who work as artistic researchers in Artis zoo to present their findings in a variety of public programs.

Park dialogues with Tuinbazen on November 7th

Discovering how people would like to be involved, Ketter & Co has set itself the mission to turn the park into a garden. How can we build a community around Amstelpark and bring care providers and users together?