Artifial Nature at PopInnPark

Artificial Nature

With Egied Simons, Erik Odijk,  PJ Roggeband, Marjolijn Boterenbrood, Chiel Kuijl, Ronald van der Meijs, Masha Ru, Serge Onnen.

Exhibition in PopInnPark

Middenweg 20, Amsterdam Oost

Open: Thursday till Sunday 12 to 6 PM


PopInnPark is an initiative of Groen in Grijs (Green in Grey) Foundation to make a public space in a predominantly commercial area. A place where people can withdraw for a moment and meet each other. The space of the ‘ inside park’ serves as a platform for organisations that deal with making the city a green place and they kan present themselves and unite in workshops, screenings, discussions and art.

Invited by PopInnPark, Zone2Source organises the coming months a growing exhibition, in which 15 artists react on each other over time.6519823

The exhibition Artificial Nature is on view in the PopInnPark from March 12 until the end of June

The exhibition develops as a natural process of growth and entropy, starting empty and ordered and ending in a state of proliferation and images and sounds interwoven. The exhibition and also the park will take a different guise constantly when works disappear and and others will be added on walls, the floor and ceilings and all our senses will be addressed. In this way  the works of art will become part of the natural growth of the park and in time will make new connections in a more complex environment. 2178100

The selected works focus all on the theme of the PopInnPark: Artificial Nature, a theme which is also associated with the era of the Antropocene in which we currently live and in which nature and culture are irrevocable merged.

The Netherlands is the country pre-eminently a country with a vast tradition of horticulture and malleability of nature. In Artificial Nature we discern three subthemes that link with each other: micro- and macro world, growth and decay, and third nature. In connection to the art programme, based on these three themes, workshops, excursions and debates will be organised. During the Open Park days, newly added works of art will be festively opened.

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Chiel Kuij               Marjolijn Boterenbrood        Egied Simons 


chiel kuijl 2   marjolijn goed     Egied Simons    


Menno Hiele            Erik Odijk                      Linda Molenaar

menno goed  Eric Odijk goed  linda molenaar

Serge Onnen        Mascha Ru                   Arne Hendriks

serge  Marscha  arne

Lilian Cooper                              Flessengroen

lillian      flessen


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Outside the park, PopInnPark