Bioremediating Missile by Jos Volkers

The Bioremediating Missile by Jos Volkers, worlds largest seed bomb, is coming the Zone2Source in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam (August 15th – September 5th, 2020)

Wild Amsterdam, Deltaplan Biodiversity

Zone2Source doet mee aan de oproep Wild Amsterdam, een Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel voor een natuurrijk Amsterdam (2020 – 2025). Het Deltaplan is een aanpak in 10 projecten, variërend van Amsterdam als parkstad: ‘alle …Read more

Amstelpark and Floriade Resources

New page on the background and history of the Amstelpark as it was designed for the Floriade 1972. Together with artists, Zone2Source uses the current Amstelpark as a living lab and jointly investigates the rich history and heritage in the park. Zone2Source would like to develop the Amstelpark as a park for art and ecology that fits this Floriade history.

ZOOOF Open Call in Metropolis M

On 20th of April Metropolis M published an article on a number of Open Calls more or less related to the Covid-19 situation. Also the letter to an animal in the Zoo of ZOOOF was featured

Open Call for Multispecies Storytelling

22th April 2020, Earth Day Dear friends, dear earthlings, On the 50th occasion of Earth Day Zone2Source calls upon everybody to contribute projects, documentation, poems, texts, sounds to explore together …Read more

Machine Wilderness in ARTIS Magazine

The first public announcement of Machine Wilderness 2020 was featured in the ARTIS Magazine. From 12 April to 18 October 2020, Zone2Source will organise, together with FoAM and ARTIS Zoo in …Read more

Terike Haapoja at Sonic Acts Academy

A former collaborator with Zone2Source, the artist Terike Haapoja will deliver a lecture in the Sonic Acts Academy this February in Amsterdam.

Open Call for outdoor installations and sculptures

With our ambition to develop the Amstelpark into a unique park for art and nature, Z2S is looking for inspiring outdoor installations and sculptures focusing on rethinking nature-culture relations and proposing new experiences and practices to the environment.

More than 250 Visitors during the Opening Weekend

On Saturday 16 Nov, artists Adi Hollander and Claudio F. Baroni kicked off their sound installation The Body Imitates the Landscape at Het Glazen Huis. During the first weekend, including the opening day, the exhibition welcomed an extraordinary 250 visitors.

Tactile Sound – Workshops participants wanted

18-21 & 25-28 November. 2019
Artist Adi Hollander invites children, seniors and the hearing impaired to free listening workshops using her specially designed water beds to “listen” through the whole body rather than only through the ears.

Park dialogues with Tuinbazen on November 7th

Discovering how people would like to be involved, Ketter & Co has set itself the mission to turn the park into a garden. How can we build a community around Amstelpark and bring care providers and users together?

Exploded View: Park Explorations

28-29 september 2019
A full weekend of performances, expeditions, archeological research, experiments and more with Exploded View, where artists and designers are invited to explore urban landscapes through their heritage.

Smart Hybrid Forms receives NWO Smart Culture Grant

Zone2Source is part of a consortium, together with the Vrije Universiteit, Rietveld Academy, de Waag Society and V2, that received the NWO ISA Smart Cultures grant 2019. We received the grant for our collaborative project ‘Smart Hybrid Forms’ around the question whether an AI can be a plant.

Waiting Room in Parool newspaper

9 september 2019 – “Soundtrack van beeldloze horror”, a review on our latest exhibition Waiting Room was published in the newspaper Parool (in Dutch).

Zone2Source invites Neal White for ITGWO 2019

28 August 2019 – After an invitation by the Into The Great Wide Open festival, Zone2Source has asked the artist Neal White, Jasper Coppes and Sema Bekirovic to realise a new work on Vlieland. Each artist wrote a blog on their work which was published on the ITGWO website.

Zone2Source is part of MOKER

Zone2Source is now part of MOKER, the recently established partnership between institutions for visual arts in Amsterdam, and committed to the importance of contemporary art in and for the city.

Tuinbazen and We Make the City

Tuinbazen: Making the Commons 22 and 23 June 2019 12:00 – 17:00 outside the Glass House Zone2Source has invited Irene Fortuyn and her Ketter & Co foundation for a year-long …Read more

Resonant on Digicult

The exhibition Resonant organised by zone2source in March – May 2018 appeared in Digicult, a pioneering  online platform that examines the impact of digital technologies and applied sciences on art, design, …Read more

Art and Activism in Metropolis M

Alice Smits contributed an article titled “Art and Activism in Four Questions” to Metropolis M. The four questions Smits discusses are “How can we staff our (art) institutes in a …Read more

The Art as Animal Voice in Simulacrum

22 March 2018 – In the Simulacrum magazine Jrg. 26 #2, Alice Smits contributed her view of art as a platform to express and strengthen the voice of animals by analyzing works of Terike Haapoja and Laura Gustafsson.

Radiant Matter on Metropolis M

On 8 December, 2017, Metropolis published a review on the exhibition Radiant Matter with the title #Reflect: “Radiant Matter”: the Aesthetic of the Invisible.

Alice Smits’ Chapter in DIGIMAG Journal

Zone2Source’s artistic director, Alice Smits, contributed a chapter to the DIGIMAG journal, issue 77, Winter 2017-2018. The chapter titled “Land Art and Anthropocene” addresses the ecological crisis the planet is facing and proposes the focus on land art as an alternative way of projecting our world view.