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PJ Roggeband

PJ Roggeband A wonderful walk in eleven steps with PJ Roggeband Date, May 28 2017 Artist and garden defender PJ Roggeband researches the role that portable nature and mobile green …Read more


A conference of Stones

A conference of Stones Date, June 29 2017 Time 7-11 PM “These stones then, just a number of inches tall, and this tray roughly a foot across, they are nothing …Read more


Green Circle presentations

Green Circle met Debra Solomon (urbaniahoeve), Annechien Meier (Laboratorium voor Mikroklimaten), Bert Kramer (Remark) PopInnPark, thursday october 28, 8 – 10 PM For the 2nd Green Circle debate which Zone2Source organizes …Read more


workshop Cooking with Clay

Cooking with Clay workshop by Dina Roussou and Masha Ru PopInnPark oktober 7, 3-6 PM   Geophagy is eating earth and clay like substances. In several countries in the world …Read more


Artifial Nature at PopInnPark

Artificial Nature With Egied Simons, Erik Odijk,  PJ Roggeband, Marjolijn Boterenbrood, Chiel Kuijl, Ronald van der Meijs, Masha Ru, Serge Onnen. Exhibition in PopInnPark Middenweg 20, Amsterdam Oost Open: Thursday …Read more