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Zone2Source is an international exhibition platform which invites artists in and outside the glass pavilions of the Amstelpark to develop projects around alternative experiences and practices regarding our ‘natural’ environment. …Read more

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  Zone2Source Office Rietveld Huis Amstelpark 4 1083 HZ Amsterdam info@zone2source.net Tel: 020 737 06 35 Location and opening times Zone2Source takes place in two pavilions in the Amstelpark with …Read more

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Host/Hostess (volunteer) Zone 2 source is an international exhibition platform and organises workshops, exhibitions, lectures and performances about art, nature and technology. We are located in the 3 paviljons of the Amstelpark. …Read more



For more information email Alice Smits at info@zone2source.net Directeur/Curator Alice Smits Communication Nick Korf de Gidts Finances Arda ven den Brink Graphic Design Karoline Swiezynski Exhibition hosts Scharida Valenci, Yullia Orlova, Charlotte Becker, Korf, Anna …Read more