Ectogenesis/Phytoteratology: Plant-Human Monsters – Špela Petrič

Ectogenesis/Phytoteratology: Plant-Human Monsters
Špela Petrič
het Glazen Huis, August 28 – October 23
Opening August 28, 3 – 6 PM with interactive session



In Ectogenesis/Phytoteratology: Plant-Human Monsters, the Slovenian biologist and new media artist Špela Petrič explores the possibility of creating human-plant hybrids, facilitated by hormones as trans-species carriers of information. Appropriating biotechnological protocols, she uses human sex hormones isolated from her urine to create plant embryos. This is possible due to a shared ancestral metabolism between humans and plants. The resulting organisms are new vegetal entities, which have been modified by the human molecular footprint.

The exhibition consists of several specially designed incubators that each contain a hybride embryo. This project explores through means of bio art the fears and promises of developments in bio-technology, in which the borders between organisms and existing categories of life are crossed.



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