Exploded View

Exploded View

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Exploded View is a research project investigating landscapes in order to look at current activations from their heritage history. In this project, the Amstelpark enters into an exchange with the Parco Regionale dell’Appia Antica in Rome. The goal is to investigate changing perspectives onto the heritage of these parks in an urban context. The exhibition will be the result of a research period of 6 months, in which the artists collaborate with academics and students. Exploded View invites artists and designers to conduct artistic research in these specific landscapes and to make them visible and experienceable through different layers of meaning and memory, as happens in an ‘exploded view’.

In Exploded View it is about the exchange of knowledge between the different participants and participating institutions. Artists, designers, heritage professionals, students, (landscape) architects, historians and stakeholders collaborate to give the park new meaning, and participate with the public to develop new visions for the future. Through intensive collaboration with CLUE+/heritage studies of the VU, we approach the parks from the ideas of heritage. The recent history of the Amstelpark as Floriade park is little researched. We ask artists from this innovative approach to contribute to the creation of new imaginary worlds for the park from the perspective of its heritage. For the new visions that come into existence as the result of the artistic and scientific research, also policy makers and other stakeholders are involved to propose new perspectives on the role of this park in the city.


Participating artists:
Wouter Osterholt, Birthe Leemeijer, Curdin Tones and Frank Mueller, Barbara Neves Altes, Jacqueline Heerema, De Onkruidenier (Ronald Boer and Jonmar van Vlijmen), Pavel van Houten, Jasper Coppes, Cathelijne Montens and Krijn Christiaansen, Eline Kersten, Guiseppe Licari, Leonid Tsvetkov, Collectief Walden

Participating scientists and experts: Gert-Jan Burgers (director CLUE+/VU), Hans Renes (GeoSciences University of Utrecht), Dr. Bill Wei (senior researcher of the Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed) Arend Wakker (ecologist IVN) and many others.



see for more information on the projects http://www.explodedview.net



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