Grounding the Map | Mapping the Ground

Mapping the Ground | Grounding the Map
With Antti Tenetz (FIN), Esther Polak (NL), Cora Jongsma (NL), Amy Balkin (VS), Bureau d’Etudes (FR)
het Glazen Huis, 14 Januari  – 4 Maart 2018
opening zaterdag 13 januari, 15 – 17 uur

The way in which we map and represent the world is fundamental for our relationship to our planet and the way we deal with earth. Conventional methods of cartography point to an increasing abstraction and distance from the materiality of the earth. The typical visualization of the Anthropocene and earth proceses are by means of satellite imagery as simultaneous representation of enormous amounts of data which can not be perceived, often are without source or location, in which immens human networks (flight routes, pipe lines, emissions etc) are being mapped. GPS systems meant an enormous change in the way in which we navigate around the world, and with Google Earth world wide mapping became possible. At the same time we no longer know where we are.

In the exhibition Mapping the Ground | Grounding the Map cartographic projects are brought together in which new connections with the earth are explored by proposing alternative strategies to map the world. The artists in this exhibition create new forms to map land in which the lived experience and connection with material processes and phenomena are being expressed.


37771495_image_big           Unknown

Cora Jongsma, Felt Scapes                                           Esther Polak, Nomadic Milk


IMG_0669         amy balkin

Antti Tenetz, Tracking                                                   Amy Balkin, A Peoples Archive of Sinking and Melting


 Bureau d’Etude, An Atlas of Agenda’s, Mapping the Power Mapping              the Commons

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