HeHe, Clean Society

7 July – 8 September 2019
HeHe, Clean Society

The artist duo HeHe consists of Helen Evans (UK, 1972) and Heike Hansen (Germany, 1970). In a humorous way, their work questions the present energy requirement of contemporary life by visualizing the social, industrial and ecological paradoxes that are the result of our contemporary technological landscapes.

The exhibition is a continuation of HeHe’s work about human made clouds, and specifically their recreation of miniature power plants. The incinerator of Amsterdam’s waste of ‘Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB)’, worlds largest Waste to Energy company, promotes its services with the slogan “for a clean society”. This slogan is the starting point for the exhibition of HeHe at Zone2Source. The artists will bring the infrastructure (the incinerator), the material (waste) and the communication around energy and waste to the exhibition space. The works together create a sublime atmosphere that leaves space to reflect upon the issues that are evoked, without explicitly criticizing the people, industry and city included in the domestic waste treatment service.


HeHe has internationally exhibited at among others the Museum of Science and Industry (2017, Manchester); Brugge Triennial (2015 and 2016, Bruges); Museum of Contemporary art (2015, Zagreb); Nuit Blanche (2014, Paris); Centre Pompidou (2007, Paris). They have won a diversity of prizes, including the Zero One Prix, San José and the Cynet Art Prize. In 2016 they published the book ‘Man Made Clouds’.