Moon Gallery Garden

In collaboration with Moon Gallery, Zone2Source is presenting the Moon Gallery Garden exhibition
6 June to 12 July, 2020

Start 6 June 3 – 6 PM, including a Mission to the Moon performance at 3 PM

Moon Gallery is an international platform for art, science and technology in collaboration with international space agencies*. Moon Gallery ( intends to bring a 10 x 10 cm plate with 100 artefacts on a lunar lander to the moon as early as 2022. In this Petri dish-like gallery, Moon Gallery is developing culture for future interplanetary society.

For the exhibition Moon Gallery Garden a prototype of a lunar lander with rovers and telescopes settles in het Glazen Huis along a selection of Moon Gallery artworks and prototypes designed to be sent to the Moon, and additionally also a space suit.

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Surrounded by a green natural landscape of het Amstelpark, Zone2Source / het Glazen Huis offers a glimpse of a much more austere, isolated and ascetic world – the Moon. Despite its bleak character, the Moon has always been a trope of art offering a collective moment of reflection upon the place of mankind in the universe. As our reference for space, time, and culture it became a primary target for scientific exploration, discovery, colonisation and habitation of outer space.

A lunar lander with rovers and telescopes settles in the Glass House along with a selection of artworks and prototypes designed to be sent to the Moon by the end of the year 2022. Footage from the rovers’ onboard cameras and a telescope is streamed onto video screens. Astrophotography prints by Jamal Ageli will be on display along with the documentation of Moon Gallery Garden astronomy sessions at The Glass House. The exhibition will also include astronaut performances while wearing spacesuits to ensure safety and avoid contamination.

Visitors provided with isolation workshop toolkits are invited to think what would they like to send to the Moon, submit their proposals to the Moon Gallery Foundation and take a chance to fly their ideas to the Moon.

Read the Het parool’s article on the Moon gallery exhibition here.

Program (more will follow)

– all weekends open to park visitors (4 visitors at a time, respecting social distancing guidelines) from Saturday 6 June to Sunday 12 July
–  Moon Gallery Garden exhibition start including the Moon Gallery Foundation inauguration, robotic rover exhibition tour, space suit demonstration, astronomy and astrophotography and the performance Mission to the Moon, on Saturday 6 June (visible from the outside).
– “Send your art to the Moon” isolation workshop toolkits available upon request during opening hours
– If you are interested in visiting the exhibition during workdays for a substantive meeting, please contact or

Participating artists: Eva Petric, Aneta Zeleznikova, Lakshmi Mohanbabu, Jamal Ageli, Ronald Vles, Ilaria Cinelli, Isabella Douzoglou, Eduardo Kac, Mai Wada, Andy Gracie, Oded Ben-Horin, Priyanka Das Rajkakati, Hady Milani, Sophie Hooghiemstra, Max Baraitser Smith, Sofia Chin, Zuza Banasinska, Renato Japi, Tobias Schalm & Alban Muret, Minna Philips, Maria Polushkina, Johan Recen Larsson, Hans Brooymans, Mary Kuiper, Alexandra Arshanskaya, Badriah Hamelink, Thomas Heidtmann, Anastasia Izotova, Jorick De Quaasteniet, Arina Livadari, Daria Kozhina, Daria Akhrameika, Maria Beaumaster & Sarah Bovelett, Studio Samira Boon, Dana Lamonda, Mark IJzerman, Martin Sjardijn, Guy Livingston, Alexandra Ljadova, Lisa Van Casand, Studio Furthermore, Gabriele Lorusso, Emmanuele Villani.

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About Moon Gallery:

Moon Gallery is an international collaborative artwork and a gallery of ideas worth sending to the Moon. Moon Gallery intends to launch 100 artefacts (art & science) to the Moon within the compact format of 10 x 10 x 1cm plate on a lunar lander exterior panel as early as 2022. In this Petri dish-like gallery they are developing a culture for future interplanetary society. What are the ideas we want to promote into the future? What are the ideas we want to leave behind?

Moon Gallery Moon mission: Moon Gallery will be mounted on the exterior panelling of the lunar lander and after the landing will remain on the lunar surface. From a technical perspective, Moon Gallery is a passive payload and it will be delivered to the moon among other payloads and experiments integrated on a lander scheduled to be launched at the end of 2022.

Moon Gallery Earth mission: Moon gallery will organise meetings, workshops, art-science space classes and projects at various universities, sessions at international conferences, art exhibitions, astronomy evenings. They will participate in space analogues and demonstrators, where they test Moon Gallery prototype designs, deployment and remote operations.  (IGLUNA, HI-SEAS – Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation, EuroMoonMars Iceland, ESA-ESTEC simulations)

* Moon Gallery Foundation: a platform within the framework of the Moon Village, ITACCUS, ILEWG & ESA aiming to instigate inspiration for the global space exploration and demonstrate how the challenges along this journey drive innovative design thinking and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Moon Gallery Foundation team: Anna Sitnikova, Elizaveta Glukhova, Bernard Foing, Charlotte ten Holder, Smári McCarthy.

Acknowledgements: Moon Gallery thanks Mary Kuiper for making this exhibition possible! Moon gallery acknowledges Alexander Zaklynsky contribution to the project research, development and production.

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Moon Gallery vision:
Prospecting future habitation scenarios on the Moon – in this scarce desert-like environment we have to be highly resource-efficient, and we’re forced to operate in a sustainable circular way.
We see the Moon as our future, as a test bench platform for humanity to make the first steps beyond the Earth planet.
The Moon offers a platform for international cooperation and sustainable development, bringing together efforts from the private sector, governments, academics and others.
At the moment the human presence beyond Earth is only a matter of survival, but how to make the first step towards making it habitable? How to make the Moon into this poetic place we are dreaming of?
We suggest bringing Moon Gallery collection of ideas as the seeds of a new culture. We believe that culture makes a distinction between mere survival and life.

Moon Gallery Open Calls
Via Moon Gallery open calls we invite art projects and artefacts, inspired by the Moon and human exploration. One of the biggest challenges of space exploration is a disparity between big ideas and resources for their realisation. We ask our participants to think big but small. Each idea has to fit within just 1 cubic cm. To answer this challenge we strongly encourage interdisciplinary cooperation: bridging engineering, science and art.

Miniature artworks will serve as seeds of a new culture, designed to inhabit and make the Moon a more habitable place. Each piece is a part of a collaborative artwork and an evolving shared vision of Moon Gallery: 

What would be our new values and ideals, aesthetics in space based on lessons learnt on Earth? How for example sculpture would work in 1/6th gravity? And how our bodies and perception of beauty will change (while our bodies adapt to new conditions)? How would we perceive colours without the atmosphere? Which new art forms will sprout?

The topic of Moon Gallery gives the freedom to approach the 1cm3 challenge from many different perspectives and involve aspiring professionals from different fields, using the asset of multiple experiences to advance the outcome. The experience obtained from the workshop goes far beyond the Moon Gallery itself, covering the main challenges of human space exploration and scenarios of its development. 

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