Refunc, Pixel Palace / Hortus Botanicus VU

het Glazen Huis
12 Januari 2013 – 23 Februari 2014

Refunk, Pixel Palace
Refunc, a collaboration of artists, designers and architects, designs experimental structures from local waste to give a second life to discarded objects and materials. For the Glazen Huis they created an architectural structure of “pixel pallets”, pallets that have been transformed into luminous green building blocks where all the technology is visible from outside. The design and construction process is the result of a collaboration on location in which the functions of Pixel Palace are formulated and shaped.

Hortus Botanicus VU
Zone2Source invited stakeholders from the nearby Hortus Botanicus of the VU University Amsterdam – which in the future will make way for the expansion of the VU Hospital – to collaborate with Refunc. In a workshop led by Refunc, a joint effort was made to build a set for a platform where a selection of the plant and book collection of the hortus is presented. The unique collection of the Hortus and the struggle for its preservation is shared with a wide audience in the exhibition, lectures and debates, and new opportunities for collaboration with Amstelpark are being explored.

Selene Kolman, Aeons & Aeons {# 1} seed bank
In the back room of the Glass House, Selene Kolman is setting up a seed room under the title Aeons & Aeons {# 1} seed bank, an ongoing project in which she will be researching the VU Hortus seed collection in the upcoming weeks.

Exhibition opening: 12 January 3 – 5 pm
During the opening event on Sunday 12 January, Denis Oudendijk of Refunc will give an introduction to the work of this collective that explores the boundaries of art, architecture and design and explores the possibilities of creative recycling. Maarten van Bodegraven talks about the history, the unique collection and the current situation of the VU Hortus. Selene Kolman presents Aeons & Aeons {# 1} seed bank, a research project into the seed collection of the VU Hortus.

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