Workshops Machine Wilderness

As part of the exhibition Machine Wilderness in which four artists develop new robotic work for the specific ecosystem of the Amstelpark each presents a workshop in which participants learn more in depth about the  robots and actively participate in developing them. All workshops take place in het Glazen Huis and outside in the park. The workshops are free of charge but number of participants is limited. You can subscribe at


Workshop with Rihard Vitols
Wednesday 23, 04:00- 06:00 PM

Rihards Vitols is working in the Amstelpark from May 20 to May 25th


The workshop starts with a presentation by Rihards Vitols about the project he develops for the Amstelpark in which he shows the various phases of the research and creation process in image and sound, After that participants join him for a ‘deep listening’ walk through the park, a process to learn how to really listen to the surrounding nature. We can only design sustainable technology for an eco-system if we really understand it by opening ourselves to it. Participants are supplied with a headphone, microphone and recorders and collaborate on the creation of sound instruments. Rihards shows how he uses this experience in his work and how knowledge of animals can lead to complete different solutions for environmental problems.


Youth workshop Eco-Robotica
Ian Ingram and Theun Karelse
Wednesday May 30, 03:00 – 04.30 PM

Like animals, machines that interact with wild beings may speak to us all at some level. The work of Ian Ingram has the capacity to appeal to many beings including humans of a wide range of ages. At the level of gesture and playful interaction these machines connect to our most fundamental forms of communication. During this informal afternoon session we specifically invite young people. So please bring your family and we’ll go out with the machines in the park to join the varied creatures out there.


Workshop with Ian Ingram
Friday June 1, 3 – 6 PM

Ian Ingram is working in the Amstelpark from May 20 to June 3rd and is present most days in the park interacting with local inhabitants and visitors alike.

The work of Ian Ingram involves close observations of animals and the collection of materials (both digital and physical) used in building the robot’s mechatronic and perceptual elements. Participants in this workshop will be gathering observations of local animals and their gestures and behavior in the area around het Glazen Huis and participate in making simple mechanisms that try to gesture to these animals, to help develop Ian’s robot further. The collected photos and videos will also be used as machine-learning training-data for the robot, to enable it to identify specific animals in the park (blackbirds, rabbits, pigeons, earthworms, and who knows what else!)


Workshop with Jip van Leeuwenstein
June 29

Jip van Leeuwenstein is working on his new robot predetor from June 22 onwards

jip workshop

 At the end of his work week in the Amstelpark, Jip van Leeuwenstein discusses his series of robotic creatures he develops for ecosytems that have been knocked out of balance by human activity. Participants participate in the construction process and discover in detail how Jip’s predetaor robots function. We will explore if it is possible to create creatures which are autonomous within an ecosystem andto what extent this technology is useful for balancing natural systems. Detailed technical experience is not needed to participate.



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