The Amstelpark: The trees narrate their story by Elmo Vermijs

Orangerie | September 4– October 16, 2022 | Part of the Shadow Floriade
The trees of municipal park Amstelpark take centre stage in this project. Initially planted for the occasion of the 1972 Floriade, the trees have been the silent witnesses to global warming. The project consists of a LivingLab and the Parliament for Trees.

Our Living Soil, exhibition about our relationship with soil

Exhibition from 10 July –  18 September, 2022 as part of the Shadow Floriade. With projects by masharu, Kate Foster, Miek Zwamborn & Rutger Emmelkamp, Jasper Coppes and Esmee Geerken, Jacqueline Heerema & RePeat, Debra Solomon en De Onkruidenier.

Universe by Robbert van der Horst

Universe is a research machine, an observatory, that rotates and from which we take in new perspectives on the environment. The outdoor work is next to the pond. We are invited to reflect on the surrounding social, physical and historical landscape and to anchor our sense of place. Universe is an existing work that Robbert will adapt especially for the Shadow Floriade and the Amstelpark.

Perfect Nature: Amstelpark Test Site

Exhibition in and around het Glazen Huis from 22 April –  19 June, 2022 as part of the Shadow Floriade. With Neal White, Tina O’Connell, Uriel Orlow and a film programma by May Adadol Ingawanij and Julian Ross.

Machine Wilderness in ARTIS 2022

Machine Wilderness is a field research program, in-situ prototyping and debate with the artists Thomas Thwaites, Heather Barnett, Driessens& Verstappen, Ivan Henriques, Spela Petric en Antti Tenetz taking place in ARTIS ZOO in 2022. Organised by Theun Karelse (FoAM) and Alice Smits (Zone2Source) in collaboration with ARTIS

Ronald van der Meijs – Odoshi Cloud Sequence

Odoshi Cloud Sequence by Ronald van der Meijs was on show at the Amstelpark from July 2020 until March 2022. The work was installed in collaboration with Zone2Source. Odoshi Cloud Sequence referred to the nearby Japanese Garden and generated subtle sounds and reacted to the sun, the wind and clouds.

Clear Cut by Wouter Osterholt

The Glazen Huis | 6 March – 4 April 2022 Clear cut (Kaalslag in Dutch) – a project that Wouter Osterholt developed during his participation in the artistic research programme …Read more

BetweenTwoHands: Ecognosis N52°19’42 E4°53’34

12 December 2021 – 16 January 2022
Ecognosis N52°19’42 E4°53’34 is an interactive stop-motion animation installation on which stop-motion animations of plants, insects and microbes are projected. In this way they show a man-made habitat that is slowly but surely taken over by the various flora and fauna.

Here and Elsewhere

Irene Kopelman a floor installation connecting us to the geological time of the land July 4th – September 12th, 2021 open on Fri, Sat and Sun from 13.00 17.00 and …Read more

Re:Tune exhibition

Exhibition on how we can attune differently to non-human forms of life. With Pei Ying-Lin &Yi-Fei Chen, Saša Spačal and Anton Kats. Due to covid on display In front and through the windows of het Glazen Huis and by private appointment, March 7 – May 28, 2021

Unloomed #1 installation

This performance installation The Tenuous Attachment: Unloomed #1 is presented by The Warp and is visible and audible from the outside from 15 January – 21 february 2021. If Covid-19 measures allow inside performances in the last weekend (to be announced). 

‘presence (Un) presence’, Martijn Tellinga

Zone2Source and DNK present ‘presence (Un) presence’ by Martijn Tellenga, 8 day performative installation piece for images, objects, performative actions, and sound at Zone2Source / Het Glazen Huis in the Amstelpark from 13 – 20 December, daily from 12.00 noon to 6 pm.

Mind Your Step

Mind Your Step, exhibition about the art of walking. From October 4th – November, 29th, 2020. Featuring: Tim Knowles, Esther Hovers, Malú Cayetano Molina & Sonia Pérez, Chikako Watanabe, Iris Hoppe, Justin Bennett, Naomi Bueno de Mesquita, Tom Bekkers, Liesje van den Berk, Isolde Venrooy, Ienke Kastelein

Exploded View exhibition

Exploded View is a group exhibition (27 July – 20 Sept, 2021) in and about the Amstelpark which shows the results of a research 12 artists have conducted over the last year into the Amstelpark. This exhibition is a collaboration with Krien Clevis and Clue+/heritage studies of the Vrije Universiteit.

Bioremediating Missile by Jos Volkers

The Bioremediating Missile by Jos Volkers, worlds largest seed bomb, is coming the Zone2Source in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam (August 15th – September 5th, 2020)

Curdin Tones

          Entangled moments of intimate publicness: Out of myself/ fuori di testa   Public parks promise public life: hanging out with or without purpose, meeting or …Read more

collectief walden

      Collectief Walden sees in the Amstelpark (and the Floriade in particular) the ultimate way of controlling nature. In our research, we want to dedicate ourselves to ‘taming’ …Read more

Zoo of the Future

In collaboration with ZOOOF, Zone2Source presents the project Zoo of the Future. The ZOOOF exhibition opens again for restricted audience during weekends (13.00-17.00) and under booking for week days. Visitors are allowed only four at a time while keeping the 1,5 distance.

Moon Gallery Garden

For the exhibition Moon Gallery Garden (6 June – 12 July 2020) a prototype of a lunar lander with rovers and telescopes settles in het Glazen Huis along a selection of Moon Gallery artworks and prototypes designed to be sent to the Moon, and additionally also a space suit. Start 6 June with a Mission to the Moon performance at 3 PM

Barbara Neves Alves and Pedro Manuel

In working at the Amstelpark, I am considering how, along the centuries efforts towards understanding and cataloguing nature largely developed together with projects of colonization and contributed to set out …Read more

Birthe Leemeijer

The work of Birthe Leemeijer is part of Exploded View During our first collective stroll through the Amstelpark a recurring topic of conversation was plant intelligence and sensitivity. The question …Read more

Jasper Coppes

The work of Jasper Coppes is part of Exploded View Wasteland There is a growing interest in archeology to regard this discipline as a critical involvement in the production of …Read more

Pavèl van Houten

The work of Pavèl van Houten is part of Exploded View Take care of the park Both in Rome in the Parco Via Appia Antica, and in Amsterdam in the …Read more

Eline Kersten

The work of Eline Kersten is part of Exploded View Humming Trees Trees are living fossils. Through their slow but gradual growth, small birches can become giants over time. However, …Read more

Wouter Osterholt

The work of Wouter Osterholt is part of Exploded View Growing Resistance An ecological disaster exercise in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam The Amstelpark emerged from the large-scale horticultural exhibition the ‘Floriade’ …Read more

Leonid Tsvetkov

The work of artist Leonid Tvetkov is part of Exploded View, read more I started this project by thinking about the paths I navigate through the park. At first I …Read more

Jacqueline Heerema

The work op Jaqueline Heerema is part of Explode View, read more Breath of Soil(s), Jacqueline Heerema Artist Jacqueline Heerema explores the phenomenon of ‘time’ and the representation of nature-culture …Read more


Het werk van KCCM is te zien tijdens Exploded View Floriade whisperings The plants that grow in and around the Amstelpark are a link between the different layers of the …Read more

De Onkruidenier

The work of de Onkruidenier is part of Exploded View Plant Bed Sociology The research of the Onkruidenier within Exploded View questions existing frameworks derived from the genesis of a …Read more

Tuinbazen presentation

February 15 to 23, 2020, The final presentation of Tuinbazen, a project Irene Fortuyn and her foundation Ketter & Co have developed during 2019 in the Amstelpark to explore alternative forms of public park management will take place.

Congress of Glassolallia by The Warp

Each year, Zone2Source invites The Warp, known for their unique multi-media performances. The installation Congress of Glassolallia can be experienced from outside the Glazen Huis. Daily until 2nd February 2020. The installation is also central to a series of performances on December 15th 2019, January 12 2020 and the final performance on 2nd February 2020.

The Body Imitates the Landscape

November 16 – December 1 2019
Zone2Source presents the The Body Imitates the Landscape: an interactive sound installation by Adi Hollander and Claudio F. Baroni. The installation is designed in the form of a playground which transforms music into vibrations felt through the entire body.

Waiting Room by Terike Haapoja and Laura Gustafsson

Waiting Room is a 16 speaker sound installation that brings an immersive soundscape of pigs before going to slaughter into an otherwise empty room, which reflects on the way our society relates to animals but renders them invisible in our living environments. From September 8 – November 10, 2019

Clean Society – Hehe

June 22 – August 25, 2019
The artist duo HeHe’s Clean Society brings the infrastructure (the incinerator), the material (waste) and the communication around energy and waste inside of the exhibition space.