Traces / Sporen

Traces / Park Sporen (2014 – 2016) by Marjolein Boterenbrood emerged from an artist in residence in the Amstelpark at Zone2Source . The art project is about the cartography of the hidden (such as humus, soil life, aquatic life, mycelium, sensory experiences and decay) in the Amstelpark and also the Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark in Amsterdam. The working process consisted of research, a public program, a map and was recorded in the blog below. In 2020 we interviewed Marjolein about her project.


In de parken leven ongelofelijke hoeveelheden kreeften. Je vind de schildjes overal. Bij de kaartpresentatieten we ze: parkkreeftjes van de Keuken van het ongewenste dier:    


After the water walk and the waterzooi lunch, we returned leftovers to the water. Remnants of the meal we serve on rice sheets to the lobsters, water fleas, post horn …Read more

Aspic from Park Lobster

After the waterzooi walk we talk in the Orangerie in the Amstelpark. We eat the lobsters in the park waters live, in aspic. The lobsters are poured in aspic so …Read more

Come Take a Look

Invitation: Come and see what is hidden under your feet, in the ground and in the water. 20 September, 12 noon Meeting island Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark It is the year …Read more