Exhibition archive

The Body Imitates the Landscape

November 16 – December 1 2019
Zone2Source presents the The Body Imitates the Landscape: an interactive sound installation by Adi Hollander and Claudio F. Baroni. The installation is designed in the form of a playground which transforms music into vibrations felt through the entire body.

Waiting Room by Terike Haapoja and Laura Gustafsson

Waiting Room is a 16 speaker sound installation that brings an immersive soundscape of pigs before going to slaughter into an otherwise empty room, which reflects on the way our society relates to animals but renders them invisible in our living environments. From September 8 – November 10, 2019

Rooted Hauntology Lab – Ingrid Vranken

June 2 2019
Ingrid Vranken presents her graduation project at DAS Theater – Academy on Theatre and Dance in het Glazen Huis. Rooted Hauntology Lab invites plants, artists, thinkers and audiences to ‘be-with’ each other, to contemplate our planetary co-existence.

Clean Society – Hehe

June 22 – August 25, 2019
The artist duo HeHe’s Clean Society brings the infrastructure (the incinerator), the material (waste) and the communication around energy and waste inside of the exhibition space.

Reading by Osmosis – Semâ Bekirović

16 February – 28 April 2019
Reading by Osmosis is a research project by artist and curator Semâ Bekirović. It focuses on artworks made by non-human artists: for example animals, trees, the wind, and other entities and processes.

Beholder – Vladimir Grafov

December 15, 2018 – February 3, 2019
Zone2Source collaborates with The Warp on its annual multi media performance event in and around het Glazen Huis which will start with the installation ‘Beholder’ by Vladimir Grafov.

BirdScore – Jeroen van Westen and Michael Pestel

September 30 – December 2, 2018
BirdScore is a collaboration between Van Westen and Pestel focused on birds, bird sound, and bird extinction. The sound installation (BirdScape) for the Glass House is the point of departure, along with a related performance work (BirdGrid) designed to move throughout the park in a series of performances.

Going Nomad

22 July – 9 September 2018
Going Nomad is an exhibition that researches diverse aspects of nomadic living and thinking.

The Cloud Sequencer 2.0 – Ronald van der Meijs

The Cloud Sequencer is a first start for a new sound research project into the diversity of clouds, sun and wind in order to create a sort of ‘natural sequencer’ for an outside sound installation.

Machine Wilderness

May 20 – July 8, 2018
Machine Wilderness presents work of four artists who develop robotic projects for specific ecosystems in the Amstelpark, and experiment with the interaction between technology and the living creatures in the park. Together they explore how technology engages the surrounding and chaotic living nature.

Zone2Source - Resonant met Martijn Tellinga, Adi Hollander, Sagi Groner en Mark Bain


March 18 – May 13, 2018
Resonant brings together four artists who have been working with sound, acoustics and architecture to find a common subject in the exploration of resonance.

Mapping the Ground | Grounding the Map

January 14 – March 4, 2018
The exhibition Grounding the Map, Mapping the Ground explores, through the work of five artists, alternative relations to the earth as a critical reflection on the abstract cartographic methods that characterize the Anthropocene.

Complex Compound – Robbert van der Horst

September 17 – October 1, 2017
With Complex Compound visual artist Robbert van der Horst realizes the first version of his experiment with interactive, volatile architecture through a construction which consists of moveable architectonic elements.

Radiant Matter – Marjolijn Dijkman and Maarten Vanden Eynde

September 17 – December 3, 2017
Radiant Matter is the first duo exhibition by Marjolijn Dijkman and Maarten Vanden Eynde, where old and new works are presented in which shared concerns are brought to the fore to explore the complex relation between human’s impact on the environment and vice versa.

Carboniferous – Pinar Yoldas

July 9 – September 3, 2017
Pinar Yoldas presents Speculative Biologies which resides in the realm of the biological imagination where genomic reconstruction of living organisms is put in the service of the creation of hybrid subjectivities in order to imagine alternate realities.

“Trust me, I’m an Artist”

May 13 – June 25 2017
Trust me, I’m an Artist is a series of performative events that investigates the ethical issues arising from art and science collaborations, particularly in the field of bioart. It considers the roles and responsibilities of the artists, scientists and institutions involved.

The Garden and the Gardener – Irene Fortuyn

January 22 – March 19 2017
Through a series of video recordings of the gardeners and policymakers who shape the Amstelpark, the exhibition ‘The Garden and the Gardener’ brings the visitor into contact with a usually invisible part of the park.


October 8 – 16 2016
Fifty Percent Human creates an in-between space, addressing uncertainties, ambiguities and imagination linked to the microbial paradigm shift both on an aesthetic and on an epistemological level. 

Grounded matter – Malou van der Molen

August 28 – September 25 2016
Malou van der Molen presents textile designs composed of natural elements, such as a section of water in the canal, the first day of snow, the vegetable shelf. The textile designs, nature elements and photos of the locations, are processed in an installation that covers 31 square meters displayed in the Orangerie.


December 13, 2015 – Februari 16, 2016,
Entropical is a research project started in 2015, the international year of the soil. This first presentation of Entropical consists of four art works in which the value and dynamics of the exchange of materials in the biological world is set against the abstract value of algorithms and computer calculations.

Egied Simons – Radix Morgana

September 7 – October 11 2015
Radix Morgana is an exhibition on the study of root systems, in which the Orangerie is used as a living laboratory where plants are grown from seeds and their roots are visible for examination.

Growing Matter

September 27 – November 30 2015
Growing Matter is an exhibition which explores work by artists who use materials in a state of growth to explore processes and relations found in nature. This exploration creates space to reflect on the creative impulse and the capacity for art to engender an intrinsic content.

Herbarium Vivum

In Herbarium Vivum, Driessens & Verstappen study the adaptive capacities of seven living crops under various extreme conditions

Floriade trash and treasures 1972 – 2022

May 31 – August 23 2015
Krijn Christiaansen & Cathelijne Montens (KCCM) researched the history of the Amstelpark, that was established for a horticulture exhibition, the Floriade, in 1972. Many residues of this Floriade are, although sometimes neglected, still visible in the park. How should we deal with these residues?


May 31 – August 23 2015
Labofactory is an interdiciplinary collective that consists of scientist Jean-Marc Chomaz, architect Laurent Karst and composer Francois-Eudes Chanfraults. Together they explore the cross-overs between the imagination of art and science.


March 8 – May 17, 2015
Black² is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of Malevich Black Square. The exhibition reflects on the meaning of this seminal painting for contemporary artists who deal with phenomena from the natural sciences.

Secret Signals Opening

June 21 2014
Secret Signals, an exhibition that takes place in and outside the pavilions in the Amstelpark, explores the interaction between people and their natural environment.

Lab Portal 9: The TeaMachine, GrondVormen

June 21 – August 24 2014
GrondVormen presents a large mythical installation in which both new and previously realized laboratory installations are combined and connected to form the ultimate tea brewery.

LabPortal 8: Bird, Marlena Novak & Jay Alan Yim with Jesus Duran

June 21 – August 24 2014
Inspired by the complex improvised songs of the black bird living in forests and cities all over Europe, Bird is an interactive audio-video installation in which a virtual bird, which moves in an 8 channel space, composes algorithmic songs based on recordings of black birds.

For the Gulls, Chiel Kuijl

June 21 – 30 October
Chiel Kuijl designs a new work for the birds over the big pond of the Amstelpark. The installation consists of an interactive rope sculpture with swings and two pending feeding scales: some large branches and feeding bowls above the water as seats for birds and a swing on the side of the pond for people to move the installation.

Wind Violins, Ronald van der Meijs

June 21 – August 24 2014
Ronald van der Meijs’ work takes place around the tension between man and machine, culture and nature. He portrays natural processes as both part and subject of the work. This installation lets technology communicate with living matter and natural elements such as water, wind, rotting fruit and evaporation.

Secret Garden

Outdoors, ongoing
Start from Het Glazen Huis
A site specific sound project which changes the experience of the park in a subtle manner.

Ivan Henriques, Symbiotic Machine

March 9– April 27 2014
Ivan Henriques developed a prototype of an autonomous photosynthetic bio-machine which will create a symbiotic system with the environment where it is located.

Ronald van der Meijs, A Time Capsule of Life

October 6 – December 1, 2013
In this installation, which incorporates natural processes of growth and decay, Ronald van der Meijs compares ways in which nature and humans organize themselves.

Marjolijn Boterenbrood, Artist in Residence

September 26 – November 30
Marjolijn Boterenbrood’s research into experiences of hidden places leads up to an alternative map with which visitors can experience the Amstelpark in a new manner.

LabPortal 3: N55 in collaboration with Till Wolfer, XYZ Factory

21 July – 22 September 2013
The artists collective N55 and designer Till Wolfer presents the XYZ Factory, consisting of an exhibition and workshop, in which they concern themselves with issues of reclaiming the production process and the development of non-growth economies based on eco-friendly technologies.

Martijn Engelbregt (EGBG), MedicineFactory

21 July – 22 September 2013
MedicineFactory is a low threshold art project in which health, responsibility, social cohesion and the care for nature and environment meet each other at the work place. It is a public accessible work place in which people are given access to the healing effects of nature and make their own medicines.

Arne Hendriks, The Incredible Shrinking Man

May 19 – July 14 2013
The Incredible Shrinking Man is and ongoing speculative research project into the possibility of creating a human which is more ideally suited for our earth.