Park Residencies

During the summer months Zone2Source invites artists for shorter or longer work periods in the Orangerie to develop their artistic practice in the context of the Amstelpark.

Mariken Overdijk: A Room of One’s Own

For two weeks (25th August – 8th September, 2021) performance artist Mariken Overdijk will reside in the Orangerie, a Room of Glass, to see through One’s Own

Work period Robbert van der Horst

The work period and a presentation in the Orangerie with the artist Robbert van der Horst (scheduled for two weeks in August and September 2021) is postponed to a later date because of unforeseen circumstances

Artist Residency in Botanische Tuin Zuidas

23 October 2016 – Zone2Source’s Alice Smit initiated and organized the artist residency in Botanische Tuin Zuidas, where artists are invited to provide an alternative artistic outlook on Botanical Garden.


October 8 – 16 2016
Fifty Percent Human creates an in-between space, addressing uncertainties, ambiguities and imagination linked to the microbial paradigm shift both on an aesthetic and on an epistemological level. 

Grounded matter – Malou van der Molen

August 28 – September 25 2016
Malou van der Molen presents textile designs composed of natural elements, such as a section of water in the canal, the first day of snow, the vegetable shelf. The textile designs, nature elements and photos of the locations, are processed in an installation that covers 31 square meters displayed in the Orangerie.

Egied Simons – Radix Morgana

September 7 – October 11 2015
Radix Morgana is an exhibition on the study of root systems, in which the Orangerie is used as a living laboratory where plants are grown from seeds and their roots are visible for examination.

Exhibition: Floriade trash and treasures 1972 – 2022

May 31 – August 23 2015
Krijn Christiaansen & Cathelijne Montens (KCCM) researched the history of the Amstelpark, that was established for a horticulture exhibition, the Floriade, in 1972. Many residues of this Floriade are, although sometimes neglected, still visible in the park. How should we deal with these residues?

Lab Portal 9: The TeaMachine, GrondVormen

From June 21 – August 24 2014 GrondVormen presents a large mythical installation in the Orangerie in which both new and previously realized laboratory installations are combined and connected to form the ultimate tea brewery.

Marjolijn Boterenbrood, Artist in Residence

September 26 – November 30
Marjolijn Boterenbrood’s research into experiences of hidden places leads up to an alternative map with which visitors can experience the Amstelpark in a new manner.

Martijn Engelbregt (EGBG), MedicineFactory

21 July – 22 September 2013
MedicineFactory is a low threshold art project in which health, responsibility, social cohesion and the care for nature and environment meet each other at the work place. It is a public accessible work place in which people are given access to the healing effects of nature and make their own medicines.

Arne Hendriks, The Incredible Shrinking Man

May 19 – July 14 2013
The Incredible Shrinking Man is and ongoing speculative research project into the possibility of creating a human which is more ideally suited for our earth.