In the press

Debra Solomon – MultiSpecies Urbanity

Participant of Our Living Soil Debra Solomon is a permaculture expert advocating for systemic change to rethink relationships between humans, soil, other organisms, city and food, etc. She invented the …Read more

Shadow Floriade Pavilions

As part of the Shadow Floriade and in addition to the exhibitions Perfect Nature: Amstelpark Test Site, Our Living Soil and What the Trees of the Amstelpark Tell Us, Zone2Source presents temporary pavilions for the Shadow Floriade installed throughout the park: Camera Obscura, Contemplatorium, Universe and Building as Being.

Queering Nature by Melanie Bonajo

27th July 2020 Online lecture from het Glazen Huis organised by Queer Currents The 2019 surge in eco-activism was spearheaded not just by Greta Thunberg but by queer communities. Melanie …Read more

ZOOOF Open Call in Metropolis M

On 20th of April Metropolis M published an article on a number of Open Calls more or less related to the Covid-19 situation. Also the letter to an animal in the Zoo of ZOOOF was featured

Waiting Room in Parool newspaper

9 september 2019 – “Soundtrack van beeldloze horror”, a review on our latest exhibition Waiting Room was published in the newspaper Parool (in Dutch).

Machine Wilderness in the Press

In this post, we compile a list of press that feature Machine Wilderness. In the past, Machine Wilderness appeared on: Artis Magazine, 2020 “Engineering the Future” as part of the …Read more

Radiant Matter on Metropolis M

On 8 December, 2017, Metropolis published a review on the exhibition Radiant Matter with the title #Reflect: “Radiant Matter”: the Aesthetic of the Invisible.

Alice Smits’ Chapter in DIGIMAG Journal

Zone2Source’s artistic director, Alice Smits, contributed a chapter to the DIGIMAG journal, issue 77, Winter 2017-2018. The chapter titled “Land Art and Anthropocene” addresses the ecological crisis the planet is facing and proposes the focus on land art as an alternative way of projecting our world view. 

Trust Me, I’m an Artist in Digicult

20 juni 2017 – The project “Trust Me, I’m an Artist” by Waag Society, in collaboration with Zone2Source appears on Digicult news page, with a brief overview and programme

Machine Wilderness in Victoria & Albert Museum V&A

Zone2Source’s curator Alice Smits and Machine Wilderness’ Theun Karelse presented their collaboration “Engineering the Future” – part of the Victoria & Albert Digital Design Weekend 2016 – for some insights on the project and the philosophical drive behind the program.

Bodem en temperatuur

In de Volkskrant van 2 juli staat: grote steden houden veel meer hitte vast dan landelijke gebieden. In de stad wordt het veel warmer dan in groengebieden. Een bitumen dak …Read more