LabPortal 10: Salina, AnneMarie van Splunter

salina in glazen huis                Salina in G H 2                 Salina in G H 3              Saline in G H 1

Salina from September 21 – November 30 2014. In the front space of the Glazen Huis, AnneMarie van Splunter creates a sculpture of salt. For this ground work 3000 kilo of salt is poured on the floor to form a work which appears as a salina, an intense white waving landscape of evaporated sea water. The staggered tempo of the tiles evokes the impression that the sculpture is cut from a larger whole and could be endlessly extended. It is expected that the humid salt will form new crystals in the course of the exhibition. This formal sculpture, which evokes an energy field or which could be seen as a swinging variation on the floor pieces of Carl Andre or the white reliefs of Jan Schoonhoven, not only make an appeal to our visual senses but also to those of smell and touch.

Archive, Exhibition – past