Cartographies of Human Sensation

Cartographies of Human Sensation
Jonathan Reus and Sissel Marie Tonn
Orangerie, May 29 –  August 14, 2016


Cartographies of Human Sensation proposes a series of instruments that attune the wearer to her environment through metasensory perception of biometric signals (translated through worn sound synthesizers) and radical body extensions. While the extensions alter relationships between the body and its environment through estrangement, the instruments make the wearer more attuned to psychobiological responses of transitory events. The two together form a toolset for metasensation, self-reflexive sensing.

Why New Cartographies? When we perceive a natural landscape we experience a whole sea of relation: of the wind touching our skin, of a multitude of sights, odors and sounds that weave into an impression of the place. We are culturally trained to be more sensitive to some events than others, which e.g. manifests in the way we map the world. Maps are seen as static objects in our part of the world, in other cultures maps and space representations are often interactive, tactile and temporary. The instruments developed afford an opportunity for ongoing/continuous mapping of the body-environment relation, thus perhaps gain a different understanding of space and time.

As the project unfolds we hope to develop a deeper understanding of how the body navigates through space and time, and gestalts for the subtle and unconscious processes that form our experience.

During the exhibition a program will be developed in which people are taken on prepared walks with the instruments. The walks are ongoing conversations with participants, evolving over time and in different locations. They are site-specific, and offer participants a unique opportunity to reflect upon the way they perceive the environment.

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