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Het Glazen Huis


Rietveld paviljoen

Belgische Kloostertuin

Outdoor works



De memoires van Lelie Gracia en de Japanse Duizendknoop

Een monoloog van de Venijnboom

De getuigenis van Buxus

De elegie van de Treurbeuk

Laid Back – Kevin van Braak

Around the Rietveld Huis there are seating elements in various colours, versatile in use, and made of 100% recycled plastic. Form and function refer to the seventies and the design of the Floriade.

Audio Dérives – Esther Hovers

This audio walk takes the listener from the Amstelpark to Amsterdam’s financial district the Zuidas. This solitary experience examines the poetry of walking in the urban environment. Scan the QR-code on the poster in front of theGlazen Huis and walk to the Zuidas in 30 minutes.

Journey to Meet Star-Gazers – Chikako Watanabe

Installation in which the artist weaves together ancient stories of the Amstel River, Amsterdam and Japan.

Secret Garden – Justin Bennett

Listen to sounds we cannot normally hear from trees and plants in the place where they were recorded. Secret Garden subtly changes your experience of the Amstelpark. (Smartphone + headphones recommended, scan QR code to download, no specific starting point, works anywhere in the park).

Rhizotrons – Debra Solomon

A series of ‘rhizotrons’ incorporate living soils and plants that allow visitors to experience the rhizosphere – the rootzones of an urban soil environment, specifically that of the Amsterdam regions Zuidoost and Noord. A rhizotron is simultaneously a laboratory, an architectural expression and a technical tool used to observe the most alive space of the soil below the soil’s surface – the rhizosphere.


Home Walks – Mariken Overdijk

Daily audio work with snippets of a walk on paper. Take a seat at the table behind the Glass House and let the voices guide you.

Plantsoensociologie – De Onkruidenier

Trees that have been kept short with the ground level for years have been placed back on ceramic bowls by their oozing location in the Heemtuin. The installation reflects on this unintended nature-culture landscape.

Contemplatorium: area for unknown rituals – Rob Sweere

The Contemplatorium, a combination between sculpture, landscape design and experiential art, is a place where the public can find out for themselves how they want to use the artwork to allow personal and as yet unknown rituals to take place in connection with the natural elements.

Camera Obscura – Rick Abelen

Enter this artwork in the shape of a folding camera and see the world upside down, so that afterwards you will experience the Amstelpark just a little differently.

De SchaduwTuin – De Onkruidenier

Artist collective De Onkruidenier is developing the former Belgian monastery garden into an artist’s garden where public events take place to tell new nature-culture stories together and reflect on our relationships to plants and gardening. On Wednesday mornings between 10.00 and 12.00, Onkruideniers regularly works in the garden, and during events it invites visitors to drop by.