Ronald van der Meijs- Odoshi Cloud Sequence

Ronald van der Meijs – Odoshi cloud Sequence (15 August 2020 – 15 Juni 2021)`

Openin 15 augustus (15.00 – 18.00) with a sound performance by  Ronald van der Meijs. Combined programme with the opening of Jos Volkers’ Bioremediating Missile

In collaboration with Zone2Source, the artist Ronald van der Meijs will present his new work Odoshi Cloud Sequence in het Amstelpark.

A symbiosis between nature and culture is created against the backdrop of the Japanese garden in the pond of the Amstelpark. The concept explores new possibilities to generate sound with a western slant that are totally controlled by slow and unexpected elements of nature that are highly respected in Japanese culture but want to be controlled in the west. This interesting contrast creates layering in the artwork and it provides food for thought, discussion and contemplation. This sound artwork combines performance and dialogue with the sun, wind and clouds as a natural sequencer and refers to the Japanese garden culture by using the principle of the Japanese bamboo water tumbler. Due to the direct interaction and clarity of effect, the artwork is accessible to a very wide audience. From art lovers who are invited to the casual park passer-by. In addition, the operation also has a great didactic value because the operating principle is easy to explain to young and old.

Eight installation units fill up slowly independently of each other. Then the pipes tumble and each unit creates a water splash. This movement strikes a vibraphone key whose pure tone slowly dies out. In this unpredictable composition of sound and movement, each unit has a slow and independent rhythm due to a direct water pump connection to its own solar panel. These rhythms in each unit are individually influenced by clouds that block the sun and thus affect the composition and intensity. Like all plants and trees in its environment, the artwork also depends on the natural elements and lives through a kind of photosynthesis.