Here and Elsewhere exhibition

Exhibition by Irene Kopelman July 4th – September 5th, 2021 Here and Elsewhere aims to re-establish our connection with the environment by providing an insight in the dimensions of the …Read more

Clear Cut by Wouter Osterholt

An ecological disaster exercise in the Amstelpark with presentations in het Glazen Huis and outdoors in the park by Wouter Osterholt
This project is postponed because of Covid-19 regulations

School for MultiSpecies Knowledges

In 2021 Zone2Source launches a multiple year School of Interspecies Knowledge together with Irina Shapiro (Open Set foundation). In this project, we explore new learning environments to rethink our relations to other organisms and its consequences on the way we live and work together.

Machine Wilderness: artistic research in Artis

Machine Wilderness is a field research program, in-situ prototyping and debate with the artists Thomas Thwaites, Heather Barnett, Driessens& Verstappen, Ivan Henriques, Spela Petric en Antti Tenetz taking place in ARTIS ZOO in 2021. Organised by Theun Karelse (FoAM) and Alice Smits (Zone2Source) in collaboration with ARTIS