Artists Residencies Botanical Garden Zuidas

Zone2Source has been invited by the Botanical Garden Zuidas (previously Hortus Botanicus VU) to develop in the next three years a series of artists residencies that reflect on the status and possibilities of the Hortus in contemporary society through a series of artists interventions, presentations and publications.

Hortus botanical gardens were originally developed as part of universities for research facilities. As with most hortus gardens in The Netherlands the Free University has severed its ties and the newly named Botanical Garden Zuidas is now reflecting on a new future with new relevance and forms of existence in contemporary society.

Artists can play an important role to explore situations in transition, bring to the fore new perspectives and offer alternative ideas that might not have been thought of previously. The surrounding of the botanical garden in the concrete area of the Zuidas is a perfect location to reflect on matters of urban green, relation between city and nature, privatization versus commons and where the so urgently needed new experiences and relations towards nature can be addressed and experimented with in order to develop new imaginations of green cities.

Especially now the existence of the botanical garden Zuidas is threatened in its existence and already part of the gardens have been torn down, arts project can offer new public interest to bring the value and relevance of the botanical garden in the public attention by means of projects, presentations, debate and publications which will be presented in the course of the residenties.





Botanische Tuin Zuidas, Outside the park