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7 April - 9 June 2024

Colonised Landscapes and Spectral Deterritorialised Flora

Paula Albuquerque

Screenshot of a Weather Cam in Paramaribo (2023)

Paula Albuquerque‘s practice questions the legitimacy of archives that create social stereotypes, which still haunt the contemporary social fabric. Assembling historical and contemporary moving image and photographic materials, she analyses how they support politics of dispossession and discriminating racialised and gendered representation.

For her solo exhibition Colonised Landscapes and Spectral Deterritorialised Flora: Anarchiving Exotifying Proto-Surveillance at Eye Colonial Film Collection at Zone2Source, Albuquerque creates work about the portrayal of the colonised landscape in formerly occupied territories and the role of early film as a form of proto-surveillance in sustaining and perpetuating colonial structures. The material is drawn from the Eye Film Museum archive, including home videos made between 1920 and 1960 in the former East and West Indies, which depict Dutch settlers’ journeys that shaped how the Netherlands perceived its overseas territories.

This two-month exhibition includes a period of research, during which aspects of the exhibited work will change over the course of eight weeks between the official opening and the finissage. Using audio and visual monitoring devices, both digital and analogue, Albuquerque will study plant species that were appropriated during the colonial era, patented by Western systems that replaced their native names with colonising taxonomies, and finally relocated to the Amstelpark. During the exhibition, Albuquerque will experiment with ecological processes to create film emulsions, printing methods and experiment with projection devices.


Still from Langs Borneo’s Brede Stroom (circa 1930)

Glazen Huis

het Glazen Huis