Radiant Matter, Marjolijn Dijkman en Maarten VandenEynde

NomadicMILK, PolakvanBekkum in Mapping the Ground/Grounding the Map

Complex Compound, Robbert van der Horst

Carboniferous, Pinar Yoldas

Negative Ions II, Dove Bradshaw

The Garden and the Gardener, Irene Fortuyn

De TheeMachine, GrondVormen

Biophonic Garden, Sebastian Frisch

Salina, AnneMarie van Splunter

Pixel Palace, Refunc ism Hortus Botanicus VU

The Incredible Shrinking Man, Arne Hendriks

exhibition view Trust Me I'm an Artist

Uitlaattuinen, PJ Roggebrand

De Orangerie

Voor de Meeuwen, Chiel Kuijl

Artist talks PJ Roggeband Uitwerktuin

Synergetica ArtScience Salon, Jean Marc Chomaz

A Time Capsule of Life, Ronald van der Meijs

Het Glazen Huis

Im November ist es still, weil alle schalfen oder in Afrika sind, Carl Schroder

Photonic Wind, Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand

De Onkruidenier

Ecological Space Engineering, Jos Volkers

Symbiotic Machine, Ivan Henriques

performance David Rottenberg

Bird, Marlena Novak & Jay Allen Yim

50% Human, Sonja Bäumel

Rietveld Huis

XYZ Factory, N55

Third Nature dinners

De Medicijnfabriek, Martijn Engelbregt

Ghost Forest, Francisco Lopez

Quantum Objects, Frederik de Wilde

Radix Morgana, Egied Simons

Buzz Bench, AnneMarie van Splunter

Entropical, Debra Solomon and Jaromil Rojo

Magnetoceptia, Dewi de Vree and Patrizia Ruthensteiner

Ecto-genesis: Plant Human Monsters, Špela Petrič

Carthographies of Human Sensation, Jonathan Reus and Sissel-Marie Tonn

exhibition view Air, Water, Soil

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Zone2Source is an international platform which invites artists to develop projects inside and outside of the glass pavilions of the Amstelpark, in which alternative practices and experiences of our ‘natural’ environment are being proposed.  Zone2Source is concerned with a return to the source to observe and experience anew in order to explore new relations between humans, nature and technology. In exhibitions, workshops, presentations and discussions alternative imaginations are being offered to reorient ourselves with what a 21st century way of dealing with our world could be.