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The Art as Animal Voice in Simulacrum

22 March 2018
The Simulacrum magazine for art and culture Jrg. 26 #2 focuses on the quest of “the other animal,” an alternative way to define, approach, and treat animal. In this conversation, Alice Smits contributed her view of art as a platform to express and strengthen the voice of animals through a close look at the works by the duo artists Terike Haapoja and Laura Gustafsson. The article is titled: The History of Others; or how to look back.
You can read the full description of Alice Smits’ chapter and the issue’s outline on Simulacrum’s website. The issue can be purchased at Simulacrum’s sales points or can be ordered via info@simulacrum.nl.

Gustafsson & Haapoja
(Photo from Helsinki Biennal)