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Aspic from Park Lobster

After the waterzooi walk we talk in the Orangerie in the Amstelpark. We eat the lobsters in the park waters live, in aspic. The lobsters are poured in aspic so that they are, as it were, served in their biotope.
Cook Tamara’s Recipe: Try to catch some lobsters. Cook them. Make some fish stock by cooking bones and herbs for 20 minutes. Allow to cool, add the gelatin soaked in cold water, heat up and pour into the mold with the lobsters. There is a growth explosion of (American) freshwater crayfish in the Netherlands. Many conservationists want to combat these exotics. You can catch them (with a fishing license) with a fishing rod (or with a trap, but that is not allowed officially). Instead of a hook you put a clothespin with a piece of sausage on the line. The lobster takes the sausage and then you can catch the lobster.
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