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Broom Dialogues

Broom Dialogues
Friday, February 10 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Saturday February 18 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
starting point the Glass House
klaas en nico
The dialogue is initiated by Irene Fortuyn and conducted under the leadership of Hadassah de Boer according to the Socratic method, in which listening is just as important as talking. During a walk through the park, participants, gardeners, policymakers, experts and other interested parties discuss the significance of the park in the city, the role of the gardener, the importance of passing on the knowledge of the gardener, the possibilities In order to use the gardener as an educator for both younger gardeners and involved local residents, we look at whether the gardener’s model can inspire sustainable cyclical management.
The dialogues with stakeholders and experts are publicly available and we invite everyone to think about new models for the maintenance of our public space.