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Candlemas Correlations: Festival of Light

The Warp, in collaboration with Zone2Source, presents its final performance light event of the winter season for Candlemas, February 2, in and around the Glass House in the Amstelpark . This will also be the finnissage for the closing of the exhibition by Vladimir Grafov, Beholder.

Candlemas is traditionally known as the Festival of Lights and is held exactly in the middle point of the winter from which the phrase :”dead of winter” comes. Candlemas has a unique history of Roman, Celtic, Pagan and finally Christian holidays that is set at what are called Quarter Points in Celtic lore, precisely between the solstice and the equinox. One curious variation is Groundhog’s Day which developed out of german traditions but is now celebrated in America. But even Ground Hog’s Day is primarily about light: will the ground hog see his own shadow on the ground in the bright light of the sun? Our Candlemas will borrow freely from these traditions to establish a somewhat cosmic tone but also a decidedly local one with a strong sense of the environment around the glass house.

 Vladimir Grafov presents Beholder (throughout the event)
Grafov presents a blue laser corsair outline that extends in all directions from the glass house to reach out to the farthest project within this event and beyond.

Philip Vermeulen and Mischa Dams performs TLLLLLLLT (throughout the event)This performane is an investigation in the sound and light qualities of fluorescent lights and their armatures. This is done by reducing and playing with the amount of electricity coming in the lights which results in TLLLLLLLT, Ping, Ping, Ploing, Ploing. Bzzzzzzt and flickering.

Robbert van der Horst presents DAY-NIGHT=NIGHT-DAY (throughout the event)
The performative installation DAY-NIGHT=NIGHT-DAY  can be seen as anarchitectural work,  investigating the concept of human time and natural sequences.

 Mark Bain presents F.A.W. (throughout the event)
Mark Bain establishes the first line of sonic light defense on the ramparts of the glass house. 

 Dirk Bruinsma and Paul Glazier perform with The Cinetractor Project
Extracts between Patrick Bokanowski and Henri Dimier
The evening is initiated by the performance of several drawings and a piece of mixed media.

 Dirk Bruinsma and Paul Glazier perform with The Cinetractor Project
Three Interventions for Performing Rose Lowder:Roulement, Rouerie, Aubage/Les Tournesois/Impromptu & 5 Bouquets (spread throughout the event)

This is a miniature retrospective for the remarkable work of Rose Lowder whose work finds a perfect home in a light based program in a garden park.

 The Supernumeraries perform with The Cinetractor Project
N:O:T:H:I:N:G:D:O:I:N:G (apologies to Paul Sharits)
Another twist on the idea of Expanded cinema. Here is a film that swallows its spectators whole and they become the lost cast of an entirely nonfigurative film. What to do?

 Vladimir Grafov and Dirk Bruinsma perform Setpiece for The Taciturn Receiver
Grafov and Bruinsma improvise in audiovisual tandem on a provisional sequence of settings for a Taciturn Receiver performance.

The Taciturn Receiver performs Divisability: (Denatured)
Text by Peter Conrad, Lydia Davis and Sarah Manguso

Performed by Lucy Brownhill, Ferdinand Doumic, Judith Bruynzeels, Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka, Branca Zgonjanin, Maria Mavridou, Stefania Petroula, Vladimir Grafov, Dirk Bruinsma and Lee Ellickon

The Taciturn Receiver takes apart an event and reconstructs it through laser scenography, live foley sound, disembodied voices and mute figurants. Here, three persons follow events from three views in three windows while four figures act as tuning forks to pick up the exchange and find a point of convergence between them.

Paul Glazier performs Skin (On Smoke)
The original visual material was recorded whilst the composer was massaging various people. He rerecorded these images projected upon his own body and at last he reprojects these.images on that most ephemeral of phenomena, smoke.  Since both the cello and singing bowls are brought to resonance using rubbing motions the sounds seem to connect with the friction of skin on skin.

The Supernumeraries perform Light Filler Flits Have Lit Out
Performed by Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka, Maria Mavridou, Stefania Petroula and Branka Zgonjanin
Four solos encumbered by light find a way in the dark seeking another convergence.