About Zone2Source

Zone2Source is an international exhibition platform which invites artists in and outside the glass pavilions of the Amstelpark to develop projects around alternative experiences and practices regarding our ‘natural’ environment. …Read more

Visitors Zone2Source

On average, our projects in the Glass House attract about 1,000 people per exhibition to make about 5 – 6,000 people a year. For outdoor exhibitions, the number can even reach tens of thousands. Look here to see how the public receives some of our past and current exhibitions/ performances.


Work with us as a host in the exhibition. Look at our vacancies here.

Amstelpark and Floriade Resources

New page on the background and history of the Amstelpark as it was designed for the Floriade 1972. Together with artists, Zone2Source uses the current Amstelpark as a living lab and jointly investigates the rich history and heritage in the park. Zone2Source would like to develop the Amstelpark as a park for art and ecology that fits this Floriade history.