testing ground for art & ecology

Ceramic workshop space for de Onkruidenier

26 juli – 22 november 2020

De Onkruidenier worked from the Orangerie on an installation and a new lexicon for a miniature forest in the heemtuin, the botanical garden of the Amstelpark. The Orangerie functioned as a ceramic studio in the summer and autumn of 2020. As part of the Exploded View exhibition, Ronald Boer and Jonmar van Vlijmen (de Onkruidenier) worked here on the development of ceramic bowls for their new work Plantsoen Sociologie.
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During Exploded View (2019 – 2020), De Onkruidenier researched landscape typologies in the Amstelpark. In search of relationships between plants, people and organisms, they discovered a hayfield where, as a result of the mowing machine, numerous small stubby trees stand among the grass. Can we come up with new concepts for this accidentally created natural-cultural landscape, for which there is no vocabulary and how does this inspire us to tell other stories about the relationship between humans and plants?
The artists dug a number of trees and developed dishes for the trees. The Orangerie had a ceramic oven and workbenches. During workshops with visitors, dishes were developed that were later baked in the oven.
On November 22, 2020, the dishes and the trees were returned from this studio in a parade to the location in the Heemtuin. There they can be viewed as a semi-permanent work of art and you can follow how the trees can grow to become mature trees. The outdoor work Plantsoen Sociologie can be seen daily in the Heemtuin of the Amstelpark. The entrance is located next to the Glass House.