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June 6th 2020

Aardtijd invitation June 6th, 2021

Jacqueline Heerema

Due to the lockdown our exhbition Re:Tune had to finish last week and the new exhbition Here and Elsewhere by Irene Kopelman can only start at 4th of July. In the meantime Jacqueline Heerema will be working in het Glazen Huis until June 13th.
On the first day after the lockdown she invites visitors to see her work in process aardtijd on Sunday June 6th from 14.00 – 17.00. Find out more about Land in Wording – onder de huid van het landschap – subsurface as living climate archive, 2019 – ongoing, The becoming, The being & The meanwhile, Genesis, Onland, Breath of Soil(s), Soft Soils
…and I experienced again an uncanny sensation…
…as the subsurface peat shrinks..
…thus visualizing the sequence of peat, carbon storage, oxidation, land subsidence…

Do you want to visit her on another moment, contact Jacqueline via her website https://lxwxdxtime.world/aardtijd

Soft Soils foto Gerrit Schreurs

The Glass House