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25 & 29 maart and 1 & 5 april

Discours of a Viral Boundary online workshops

online workshops on 25 & 29th March and 1st & 5th April, 2021
presented by Pei-Ying Lin as part of Re:Tune

In these narrative workshop, as part of the Re:Tune exhibition, we welcome two people at a time to co-create a pandemic story with artist Pei-Ying Lin. In an online session of about 2,5 hours you are invited to develop a new narrative story about our encounters with viruses. The artist will guide you through this workshop using a narrative tool developed especially for pandemic outbreaks using the Miro platform, to create your own bizarre pandemic story. The new narratives will be used by the artists Pei-Ying Lin and Yi-Fei Chen to develop new objects for viral boundaries.
The workshop will be in English and is without cost. Edited video recording of the workshop will be used by Pei-Yin Lin in the Re:Tune exhibition. Participant might be visible or audible in the recordings so please realise this before claiming your ticket for this extraordinary series of workshops.
Dates & times (online through Zoom)
25 March, 2021 7.00 PM – 9.30 PM (19:00 – 21:30) – full, waiting list only
29 March, 2021 7.00 PM – 9.30 PM (19:00 – 21:30)
1 April, 2021 10 AM – 12.30 PM (10:00 – 12.30)
5 April, 2021 10 AM – 12.30 PM (10:00 – 12:30)
Language: English
No cost
Reserve a ticket through the Zone2Source Eventbrite page