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27 June 2021

Finissage Radix with knotweed tea and excursion

Organised by Collectief Walden in front of the Rietveldhuis

Over the past few month the installation RADIX was on show in the windows of the Rietveldhuis, the Zone2Source office in the Amstelpark. On a festive finissage of the work Collective Walden will give a brief explanation of the work in four groups of 10 participants each, while enjoying a glass of knotweed tea. Then, while listening to the podcast, participants look for the habitats of the Japanese knotweed in the park.
Four time slots are available at:
4.30 pm
A ticket cost 5 euros. Book a ticket via Collectief Walden
After the presentation at Zone2Source RADIX will travel to other exhibition venues in the Netherlands, next stop: de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam