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14 November 2021

[CANCELLED] Indonesian Diaspora Network

Sundanese cuisine & Kebun Sejarah

[Cancelled due to covid-19] On 14 November, Indonesia Diaspora Network – The Netherlands organises a visit to the exhibition Kebun Sejarah / Garden of History with dishes from Sundanese cuisine at the Glazen Huis. Discover a cultural exchange of food and plants between Indonesia and the Netherlands during this event.
Besides gaining knowledge and inspiration, you can also network among the Indonesian Diaspora in the Netherlands and who knows, you might find new partners or friends.
Price per person: 17.50 Euro
Children up to 12 years old: 12.50 Euro
Click here for more info about the event and for tickets.

Image: Thomas Lenden. Opening “Kebun Sejarah / Garden of History,” 2021.