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22 September 2023
book presentation

Launch Machine Wilderness publication

A field guide to Machine Wilderness

Thomas Thwaites was one of the eight participants of the Machine Wilderness residencies at ARTIS Royal Zoo, which Zone2Source organised last year in collaboration with Theun Karelse of FoAM, during which he developed the concept of the Harmless Car. Thomas Thwaites, Ivan Henriques, Driessens and Verstappen, Špela Petrič, Ian Ingram, Antti Tenets and Heather Barnett each worked for several weeks in the Zoodio around an extensive public program to explore the relations between animals, plants, humans and machines in zoos.

The resulting publication A Field Guide to Machine Wilderness, with articles by Theun Karelse (foAM), Alice Smits (Zone2Source), Clemens Driessens (WUR) and the participating artists and designed by Michelle Schipper, will be presented during the Debate on Technology, Ethics and Future Worldbuilding on Friday September 22nd as part of the exhibition Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Thomas Thwaites. In this exhibition he continues his work on the Harmless Car that was inaugurated during Machine Wilderness.