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Launch of School for MultiSpecies Knowledges 27 May 2021 #1

During a full day program on May 27 Zone2Source will launch its plans for a multi-annual practice-led exploration: School of MultiSpecies Knowledges, developed by Zone2Source curator Alice Smits in collaboration with designer and educator Irina Shapiro (Open Set). Linked to the exhibition Re:Tune – on view till May 28, 2021 in het Glazen Huis – workshops in multispecies tactics will be led by the artists Pei Ying-Lin and Saša Spačal. See images below, made by Katie Clarke.
On 28th June the second day of the launch programme will take place.
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As a response to an increasing urgency in redefining what it is to be human on a multi-species planet, the School for Multispecies Knowledges attempts to create an alternative (un)learning environment to explore what kind of practices and knowledges emerge from these posthumanist and post-anthropocentric discourses. We will explore collaborative learning tools and tactics that can help to attune ourselves differently to other lifeforms through understanding our co-dependencies.
This launch event addresses observation, speculative narratives and engagement tactics to tune into different rhythms on multiple scales of the human and non-human environments.  We invite practitioners and researchers to share their tactics in the multi species-environment of Amstelpark, while working together towards new land literacies and practices of multi-species community building.
Join us on Thursday 27th of May 2021. The event will take place both inside and outside of the Amstelpark pavillion (depending  on Covid-19 restrictions) maximum of 15 participants. You need to commit to the full day, lunch is provided for. Mail before May 20th.


10.00-10.30 Warming Up
Opening Alice Smits (Zone2Source) and Irina Shapiro (Open Set)
10.30-11.00 Introduction to the School for Multi-Species Knowledges
11.30-12.30 talk by Pei-Ying Lin
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-16.30 workshop Saša Spačal
16.30-17.00 break
17.00-18.30 Collective Garden exercise led by Irina Shapira contributing to the School’s curriculum
18.30   drinks and closure
More information about the School of MultiSpecies Knowledges on this page