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28th of June 2021

Launch School Multispecies Knowledges day #2

On Monday June 28th Zone2Source will organize the 2nd day of a two day launch of the School for MultiSpecies Knowledges developed by Zone2Source curator Alice Smits in collaboration with designer and educator Irina Shapiro (Open Set). This event is open to 15 participants (also open for those who did not participate in the first event)


The School for MultiSpecies Knowleges is a response to an increasing urgency to redefine what it is to be human on a multi-species planet. We propose to create an alternative (un)learning environment in the Amstelpark where we explore together with practitioners and researchers from diverse backgrounds tools and tactics to attune ourselves differently to other lifeforms through understanding of our co-dependencies.
The first day, May 27, focused on observation and speculative narratives as engagement tactics with sessions by Pei Ying Lin and Sasal Spacal. This second day builds further on some of the insights we uncovered.
Špela Petrič will present her participatory performance Deep Phytocracy: Feral Songs where participants are led to explore plant communities in the urban wilderness using “recombinant tools”, tools that we have developed for our examination of the environment (in forestry , agriculture, science, industry etc)  which are transformed to form new tools of observation. As what she calls “onto-epistemological devices  they  re-imagine their functionality, opening up to a new space to rething our relations to plants and plant agency. Spelapetric.org
Debra Solomon (Urbanihoeve, Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture) considers the city as our farmland.  Radical Observation is a methodology that teaches natural world awarenes towards ecosystem stewardship, developed for people preparing to ask design questions and reach decisions about planned ecological interventions. Through regular practice of Radical Observation individuals come to understand the patterns and rhythms of the ecosystem, experiencing the self as part of it. Developed over years of teaching the technique focuses attention on processes occuring over time. www.urbaniahoeve.nl
The event will take place both inside and outside of the Amstelpark pavillion. Lunch is included
Maximum amount of participants is 15. Participation is free but registration required at info@zone2source.net

10.00-10.30 Check-in and  introduction participants
10.30-10.50 Opening Alice Smits (Zone2Source) and Irina Shapiro (Open Set)
10.50-11.00 break
11.00 -13.00 Špela Petrič Deep Phytocracy: Feral Songs
13.00-13.45 Lunch
13.45-15.45 Debra Solomon, Radical Observation intro and exercises
15:45- 16:15 break
16.15-17.00  Debra Solomon, Radical Observation reflection
17.00 – 18.00 Emerging Garden: Sensing, Relating, Caring, and Becoming. The second edition of the exercise led by Irina Shapiro contributing to the School’s curriculum
18 – 19.00 drinks and closure