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November 1st, 2023
Workshop and Talk

Society 5.0 festival Workshop by Onkruidenier and Talk by Alice Smits

Artist collective de Onkruidenier and Alice Smits

Zone2Source program as part of the Society 5.0 festival

Wednesday November 1

14.15 workshop Onkruidenier in the Shadow Garden (Belgische Kloostertuin) on Future Gardening.

The Shadow Garden is a test environment for new relationships between humans and their future living environment, which, due to the shifting climate zone, calls for new arrangements. Rather than focusing on technological innovation, this project aims to transform systems and mentalities by questioning the position of humans within the ecosystem. In the Shadow Garden we literally move in the shadow of the earth, as earthly systems and hidden knowledge is brought to light. How can the garden become a place in which people can reshape their connection with their living environment? Join us for a walk and several exercises to rethink ecosystem futuring in urban contexts.

15.30- 16.15: Talk and discussion with Alice Smits in het Glazen Huis on art and ecology

Alice Smits, director of Zone2Source, will talk about artistic approaches and methods to re-think societies that allow space for other living and non-living entities.  What role can art play in reimagining structures of governance that provide fruitful ground for more-than-human systems? She will discuss her curatorial practice using the Amstelpark as a living lab to explore together with artists and audiences  new imaginations of life on a multispecies planet.


Alice Smits is the initating director and curator of Zone2Source, a platform of art, nature and technology situated in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam, and a researcher on the topic of art, science and ecology.

Artist collective de Onkruidenier investigates historical, cultural, and potential transformations of nature and its potential to evolve humans. As ecosystem futurists, they speculate on aquatic culture to arrive at new interpretations of the relationship between humans and (urban) nature, both above and below sea level.

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The Shadow Garden

Glazen Huis

Het Glazen Huis