testing ground for art & ecology
2 June 2024, 6pm

The Warp: Performance by LIÇO 


The Warp presents LIÇO
Performance at Zone2Source, the Orangerie
Sunday 2 June, 6 PM

LIÇO presents a transdisciplinary performance where traditional Portuguese polyphonic singing and wool work are rendered together as a celebration of sorority and grounded living. The audience is immersed in a space that is transformed into a wool workshop and populated by many layers of sound – the dripping of water from washed wool, the sound of carders, spinning wheels and looms – interwoven with the counterpoint of voices and instruments. A line – from source to wearer – is traced through its making. Many such crafts were shadowed by their encompassing term “women’s work”, rendering the  history of  wool work an expression of the  history of womanhood and its place in society.

This is research is carried out by a collective of Portuguese artists from diverse backgrounds: Mariana Anacleto (textile art, fashion sustainability activist), Teresa Costa (early and contemporary music), Beatriz Lerer Castelo (early and folk music, photography),Vera Morais (improvised music, community choir work) and Diana Gil (percussion, graphic design).