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Het werk van KCCM is te zien tijdens Exploded View

Floriade whisperings

The plants that grow in and around the Amstelpark are a link between the different layers of the park. Many plants were specially planted for the Floriade horticultural exhibition in 1972, but there are also plants that ended up in it by accident or on purpose. They are the silent witnesses to the collective memory of the park. They have seen the spatial and architectural elements emerge and partly disappear again and have seen the different forms of management, the visitor flows and the events.

In “Floriade whisperings/ Floriade Fluisteringen” these plants get a voice and visitors are taken into their perspective on life in the Amstelpark. KCCM is developing five radio plays that people can listen to via their smartphones, in which the plants muse about the past, the concerns and pleasures of the present and speak out about the future. In this way they increase the awareness that places have meaning and have a history, not only for people but also for other life.
The archive and location research that forms the basis for these sound works will be presented during the exhibition Exploded View in the Glass House.
In 2015, during a working period at the invitation of Zone2Source, KCCM conducted research into the Floriade history of the Amstelpark. Archival research and fieldwork have led to the development of various temporary strategies to re-contextualize the Floriade heritage and thus to give visitors a renewed experience of the park (read here about Floriade Trash and Treasures).
The five radio plays for Floriade whisperings build on this research will be permanently available in the park. The radio plays are also the reason for a workshop that KCCM gives during Expeditie Amstelpark aimed at young people up to the age of 23.
Within their practice KCCM, Krijn Christiaansen (1978) and Cathelijne Montens (1978) question the way in which public space and landscapes are created, used, experienced, shaped and transformed by people. Attention is not only focused on the physical appearance of the environment, but also includes the stories, myths, customs and actions that are enclosed in space.
Christiaansen and Montens realized work for, among others, Stroom Den Haag, Kunstloc Brabant, Projectbureau OpTrek, Zone2Source, LAPS, prefecture Saga in Japan, Droog, Cemeti Arthouse Yogyakarta and various provinces and municipalities in the Netherlands. Work has been exhibited in various museums and galleries, such as the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam, Stroom Den Haag, Centraal Museum Utrecht, the Erasmushuis in Jakarta, the Institut Néerlandais in Paris and the Japan Institute of Architects in Tokyo.
More information: www.kccm.nl
Meer informatie: www.kccm.nl