N55 & Till Wolfer: XYZ Factory

The Glazen Huis, 21 July – 22 September 2013
Opening Sunday 21 July 15.00 – 18.00 hours

The artists collective N55 (Denmark) together with German designer Till Wolfer presents the XYZ Factory, consisting of an exhibition and workshop, in which they concern themselves with questions related to reclaiming the production process and the development of non-growth economies which are based on eco-friendly technologies. XYZNODES is a construction and production technique, a simple way of building light weight things from durable materials in a low cost way. It enables persons to build things in a way that is similar to the construction set toys like Lego or Mechano that are based on the principle of a few different parts repeatedly used to create an overall structure while the XYZNODES connection shares similarities with frappings used for example in the traditional wooden frames seen in Inuit kayaks. XYZNODES enable people to design and produce the objects they need in daily life themselves. During the interactive exhibition of XYZ Factory a three day workshop will be held in which participants together with the artists will develop designs with the XYZNODES while participants are being engaged in discussions around the urgency of reclaiming production and eco-friendly technologies.

About the artists
N55 is a Danish platform of artists and designers who work from an open-source principle in which art is seen as a part of daily life. From this vantage point they develop objects and projects which can be used in diverse situations. The ‘manuals’ for the projects are accessible for everyone and are being published on the website and in N55 publications. In 1996 a group of people decided to live together in the centre of Copenhagen with the goal to rebuild the city from the inside, while using their daily life situation as a platform for public events and collaborations. In 2000 the Floating Platform and N55 Spaceframe were built in a harbour area which has since become the focus for local initiatives and interventions, as well as a workspace and living space for the group (www.n55.dk)

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