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Handmade paper from the Amstelpark, finissage and presentation

For two months (from June 17 – 18th August, 2021) Annelinde de Jong worked as an artist-in-residence in the Orangerie. Among other things, she made a new paper based on leaves and other organic material from the Amstelpark. On Saturday 14 August she will hold an open house from 4 p.m. and you are welcome to take a look at her temporary studio.
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‘I would like to stay much longer’, she said this week, ‘I am really enjoying working here’. In the beginning Annelinde worked a few days a week in the Amstelpark, but in recent weeks she could be found in the Amstelpark almost every day. Instead of her normal, much smaller, studio, she loved having a lot of space for once; a place to experiment and try things out, to display found organic material and paper, or to experiment with various installations.
All nooks and crannies of the Orangerie have now been filled. On the one side, work tables, a press, trays with pulp and liquid and an intriguing pan on a hob; all needed to produce paper. Scattered throughout the space are different types of leaves, grasses and other organic material that Annelinde – sometimes together with gardener Klaus – collected in the Amstelpark. A large number of samples of various types of paper can be seen on the floor, windowsills and on the windows.
On the other side of the Orangerie, various installations hang from the ceiling, including a beautiful round ‘space’, in which you sit between more than 30 hanging strips of paper, all made from different plants, all with a different structure and colour. Monumental, meditative and worthy of a place in a museum!
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