Pixel Palace - Refunc
50% Human - Sonja Baumel
We Are Here and have been here – Elke Uitentuis, Katarína Gališinová and We Are Here
Here and Elsewhere – Irene Kopelman
Unloomed #1 - The Warp
Bioremediating Missile - Jos Volkers
Complex Compound - Robbert van der Horst
De Thee Machine - GrondVormen
The Body Imitates the Landscapes - Adi Hollander & Claudio Baroni
MIR i.s.m. Hannah Vosseberg
Carboniferous - Pinar Yoldas
Machine Wilderness
Radix - Collectief Walden
Buurtsuper expeditie Amstelpark – De Onkruidenier
Zoo of the Future (Quarantined) - ZOOF
Reading by Osmosis - Sema Bekirovic
XYZ Factory - N55
Buitenbrouwerij - Henriëtte Waal
NomadicMILK - PolakvanBekkum
BirdScore - Jeroen van Westen & Michael Pestel
Waiting Room – Terike Haapojaa & Laura Gustafsson
Performing Space – Danielle van Vree and Aart Jilesen
Path of Least Resistance - Tim Knowles
Odoshi Cloud Sequence - Ronald van der Meijs
Moon Gallery Garden
Radix Morgana - Egied Simons
Skin Vibrations - Sagi Groner
The Incredible Shrinking Man - Arne Hendriks
Journey To Meet Star-Gazers - Chikako Watanabe
Medicijn Fabriek - Martijn Engelbregt
Floriade Trash and Treasures - Cathelijne Montens en Krijn Christiaansen
Symbiotic Machine - Ivan Henriques
Congress of Glassolallia - The Warp
A Time Capsule of Life - Ronald van der Meijs


Now at Zone2Source


Shadow Floriade: Testing grounds for art and ecology | Amstelpark | 22 April – 16 October

On April 22, Earth Day, we will open the Shadow Floriade in honor of 50 years of Amstel Park (Floriade 1972). During the Shadow Floriade we will take the public into new imaginations and experiences of nature in exhibitions, outdoor works, expeditions and workshops at various locations in the park. The Shadow Floriade begins with Perfect Nature: Amstelpark Test Site, a group exhibition and fieldwork study organised in collaboration with Neal White of CREAM/Westminster University London.

Machine Wilderness | ARTIS | 11 March – 24 June

The artistic research project Machine Wilderness runs at ARTIS from March 11 to June 24, organized by Theun Karelse (FoAM) and Alice Smits (Zone2Source). In Machine Wilderness eight artists investigate the relationship between technology, people and nature in ARTIS. They take visitors along through workshops, lectures and expeditions. Can technology also be designed to serve not only humans but also other living organisms?

School for MultiSpecies Knowledges | Amstelpark | 14 May – 3 July

The School for MultiSpecies Knowledges is a multi-year project organised by Zone2Source with Irina Shapiro of Open Set. Together with participants and audiences, the School explores new learning environments to rethink our relationship with other organisms and its implications for how we live together. On Monday 30 and on Monday 13 June, participants of the School will hold an open studio, you are welcome to drop by in the Orangerie!

Outdoor works (continuous)

In the Amstelpark you can experience existing and new outdoor works such as PIT Portaal, Plantsoensociologie, Home walk, Camera Obscura, Contemplatorium: area for unknown rituals & Universe. Click here for all of Zone2Source’s outdoor works in the Amstelpark. You can find the art map including all the artworks on page 12 & 13 in the Shadow Floriade newspaper.


About Zone2Source

Zone2Source is an international platform for art, nature and technology. We welcome you to experience the projects that artists have developed inside and outside of the glass pavilions of the Amstelpark, using this environment as a living lab. In our exhibitions and projects, we propose alternative practices and experiences of our ‘natural’ environment.  Zone2Source is concerned with a return to the source to observe and experience anew in order to explore new relations between humans, nature and technology.

In exhibitions, workshops, presentations and discussions we offer alternative imaginations to reorient ourselves with what a 21st century way of dealing with our world could be.

Zone2Source is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 – 17:00 and upon request. Let us know you want to come via info@zone2source.net. Free admission.

On this website you will find all information about our exhibitions, projects and the latest Zone2Source news.