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“Inhale.Exhale. The art of making a peat ball, an earth sphere” online workshop

24hr online workshop ‘Inhale. Exhale. The art of making a peat ball, an earth sphere’ on May 31, 2020

On May 31, Jacqueline Heerema – who participates in our artistic research program and upcoming exhibition Exploded View with an exploration of the soil in the Amstelpark –  intent to do a 24hr online soil-workshop called ‘Inhale. Exhale. The art of making a peat ball, an earth sphere’.
On Earth Day April 22, she made a video called ‘Matter of Time’. During this video she makes a peat ball, to experience the timescale of soil. On May 31, Jacqueline will work in her garden at home in The Hague, Netherlands and seek to engage online during 24 hours with other ball-makers around the world. Jacqueline invites I you to join online for 10 minutes during the day, while we make and share an earth sphere.

Easy instructions and link to video ‘Matter of Time’: https://lxwxdxtime.world/matter-of-time-2/
This workshop is part of the ‘24hr Online Global Peat-Fest’, initiated by the young international Re-Peat Collective to draw attention to the vulnerability of peatlands around the world, see: https://www.re-peat.earth
You can register for this free event at https://re-peat.mn.co/