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Mind Your Step | Don’t Walk Into The Woods At Night / Walking White Chairs | Ienke Kastelein | October 30 and 31 2020

Don’t Walk Into The Woods At Night / Walking White Chairs
Ienke Kastelein
October 30 and 31

Don’t Walk Into The Woods At Night
When night falls and the hour of the wolf draws near, a spell is cast. As the light fades slowly and contours dissolve, our nose and ears take over from the eyes. Join a twilight walk in silence, in the Amstelpark after closing time. We feel the bark of the trees. We sense the ground under our feet and allow ourselves to be intoxicated by the scent of the early autumn soil. A wordless conversation might arise between plants, people and trees.
Walking White Chairs
“Sitting is one of the greatest pleasures of walking ”Dillon de Give
Walking is moving, while sitting means standing still.
Placing a chair somewhere is an intervention, an appropriation, taking possession.
If you can choose a place, how do you choose it?
How does a place change when a chair has been placed?
Which place invites you to sit? To have a conversation?
With twelve white chairs we investigate the Amstelpark and our relationship with the place
– in plural. The chairs wander with us through the park; a scenography of the park is created.
Twelve white chairs are sitting in the Amstelpark. Grab a chair and make a choice – you could sit down in it immediately, or take it with you to a different vantage point. As people and chairs roam around the park, one wonders. What makes people choose a specific spot? How does a chair end up in a given location? What roads does it travel by?
This playful happening was inspired by the 1965 ‘white bicycle plan’ of the Dutch Provo movement. Free white bicycles were to be placed throughout the city, to be used in collective ownership.
On Saturday, the chairs will be placed in the immediate surroundings of the Glass House. They’ll wander on from there, carried away by anyone who wants to. An open invitation to play for anyone who is ambling in the park.
Friday, October 30
3:00-5:00 pm
Walking White Chairs → sign up
6:00-8:00 pm
Don’t Walk Into The Woods At Night → sign up
Saturday, October 31
1:00-5:00 pm
Walking White Chairs: happening
→ No registration required, just come to the park!