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Mind Your Step | Walkaway | Naomi Bueno de Mesquita

Naomi Bueno de Mesquita

Most of us have come to rely on navigation apps completely to take us where we want to go. But as a consequence, we’ve lost something: chance, freedom and empty space. This is why Naomi Bueno de Mesquita developed an app to free some space on the map of Amsterdam. Walk through a street and see how it is erased on your map. The process of erasing will be shown on three screens in the Glass House. Click the link and start to ‘walk away’ the streets of Amsterdam.
When: every day
Starting point: anywhere
Will you help erase the map of Amsterdam?

  • The web app works on any smartphone with an internet connection.
  • Make sure you are outdoors.
  • No registration required: you are anonymous.
  • The web app is active until November 30, 2020.

Go to: https://tinyurl.com/walkawaytool

  • Open the link via Chrome (it doesn’t always work in other browsers).
  • Make sure you have Location Services on for Chrome.
  • Turn off “lock screen”.

You’ll see a map of Amsterdam (or what’s left of it) and a blue dot. That’s you.
Start walking! Your trajectory will be erased on the map.