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More than 250 Visitors during the Opening Weekend

On Saturday 16 Nov, artists Adi Hollander and Claudio F. Baroni kicked off their sound installation The Body Imitates the Landscape at Het Glazen Huis.

The Installation against the Nature Backdrop of Amstelpark

The interactive exhibition welcomed packs of visitors of all ages who curiously listened to music using their body parts. Younger visitors showed special enthusiam in trying out different positions on the water beds, while others made the hearing experience communal by teaming up with partners. The lighted beds, the vibration of sound, the whispering narration against the rich nature of Asmtelpark all added up to a thrilling yet relaxing ambiance.

Boy Listening to Music with His Whole Body


Couple “Touching” Music Together

As the night fell, the installation became even more magical, attracting more passers-by from outside and keeping those inside lingering on.

The Enchanted Look as the Night Falls

During the first weekend, including the opening day, the exhibition welcomed an extraordinary 250 visitors. The number is expected to grow as the installation continues on show for 3 weekends until 1 Dec with listening workshops open on weekdays.