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Amstelpark – Reinventing the zoo in our backyards

Machine Wilderness student research program in collaboration with Wageningen University
As part of the Machine Wilderness project we work together with Clemens Driessens, connected to the Wageningen University, on a student program in which future landscape designers and planners are exploring as part of their program for 6 weeks how we radically can rethink and redesign our daily lives with wild life. Artists Thomas Thwaites (mainly known for his work Goat Man) is one of the artist in residence of Machine Wilderness in Artis (now postponed to 2022) acts as a client on behalf of wild animals that share the spaces we inhabit. In the next 6 weeks the students will explore the Zuidas, the business district adjacent to the Amstelpark, and reflect on which new infrastructures, spaces, designs, maps we can design from a multispecies perspectives.

Luchtfoto van Zuidas en Amstelpark, bingemaps Luchtfoto van Zuidas en Amstelpark