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Open Call for Multispecies Storytelling

22th April 2020, Earth Day

Dear friends, dear earthlings,
On the 50th occasion of Earth Day Zone2Source calls upon everybody to contribute projects, documentation, poems, texts, sounds to explore together with us – as part of our ongoing research program –  new stories to re-imagine our cities as a radical inclusive multi-species society.
Now we as humans have withdrawn, not only is there more space for other forms of life to use the cities, but as a result of the silence and slowing down people seem to take more notice than before of our fellow inhabitants. These experiences, observations and stories we want to collect!
The corona virus does not only show us how people all over the earth are intimately connected, but also how we are completely entangled with other life forms. Now people spend more time in their gardens, balconies and parks with renewed attention, we call on people all over the world to join us in a global research to tell new stories for a multi-species societies.
What kind of exchanges and negotiations between human and other living creatures do we observe? How can we re-imagine co-habitation, co-operation and co-design in cities that consists of millards rather than millions inhabitants?
Send in your photo or video documentation, drawings, texts, sound recordings, objects or any other kind of observation or project to projects@zone2source.net
Online archive
We will collect everything and make it available in an archive on our website. If we receive a lot of interesting material we will explore making it public as a physical archive as well as part of our future multi species programming in the Amstelpark. Check the archive for a list of links to various spottings of nature taking over cities around the world and observing people’s renewed awareness.
Why we do this?
Zone2Source, platform for art, nature and technology in the Amstelpark is engaged in the development of a long term research program exploring how we can tune in differently to other living species and imagine a society in which life rather than the human is the central value. Despite the hardships we find ourselves in due to Covid-19, this unusual time of distancing also seems to offer a renewed attention to connect, explore, listen and become attentive. While we are finding means to connect in other ways, let’s also continue to focus on our wider entanglements to all forms of life in building new future imaginations for all earthlings.